Bring Home What If..? Captain Carter With These Hot Collectibles

Marvel Studios dives into the multiverse with their newest Disney+ series, What If…? after the events of Loki. The first episode kicked off last week, giving us one hell of a series opener with the birth of Captain Carter. The story shows off "What If" Steve Rogers never became Captain America, and someone else had to take up with a mantle. When the universe needs a hero, it makes one, giving Peggy Carter to chance to step into the role. After the first episode, many fans might want to bless their collections with some What If…? items, and we have you covered. Starting us off first is Funko, who has a nice set of Carter Pop Vinyls with a standard, GameStop exclusive, 6" Hydra Stomper, and an Amazon exclusive Hydra Stomper/Captain Carter. These small figures are packed with detail, color, and a price just right that you won't want to take advantage of here and here.

We then increase the price just a little bit as Hasbro has revealed a wave of What If…? Marvel Legends figures are on the way. The whole wave of 6" action figures features a new animated design that brings the new MCU series to life like never before. Both Carter and the Hydra Stomper are coming to the Marvel Legends line, giving fans come nicely detailed and articulated figures for growing collections. Captain Carter will be priced at $22.99, while the Hydra Stomper comes in at a hefty $52.99, with both sets to release in early 2022. Pre-orders are still live for both here as well as the rest of the upcoming What If…? wave of Marvel Legends figures from Hasbro.

Our last set of collectibles being offered for Marvel Studios What If…? fans are an incredible set of Hot Toys figures. Pre-orders have yet to be unveiled for these two, but Carter and the Stomper are coming to 1:6th format. Hot Toys did give fans a close-up to these figures showing off the fabric costumes, superb sculpt, and that massive Hydra Stomper scale. These two will really be the highlight of your Hot Toys collection once they are in hand, and I can not even imagine the price on them. Collectors can RSVP for figure updates right here and be on the lookout for other What If…? figures coming soon like Zombie Cap and Zombie Hunter Spider-Man.

What If…? is setting up to be an incredible animated series as we explore the far reaches of the multiverse like never before. We can only imagine the amazing collectibles that will continue to come out as each episode is released on Wednesdays on Disney+. Be sure you watch them weekly to stay up-to-date on all of the amazing Marvel content that is releasing throughout 2021. This is a series that could easily go on forever, so we are about to see some crazy stories coming to us.

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