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Disney+ and Marvel Studios will be venturing from the world of live-action to the world of animation beginning Wednesday, August 11, with Marvel Studios' What If …?, a reimagining of events you only thought you knew throughout the history of the MCU And if Victoria Alonso, executive VP of film production at Marvel Studios, has her[...]
A look at what could've been with Black Widow being the new "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." enters the list for the first time, while What If…? star Sebastian Stan, Dark Winds, and What We Do in the Shadows continuing to impress But once again, The Orville continues to shine From there, we wrap up with "5[...]
What If…? Lea Thompson Chimes on Howard the Duck Appearance
When it comes to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will adapt its divergent comic storylines on screen, Marvel's What If? attempts to answer that question even if it's an animated series The upcoming Disney+ show answers a wide range of scenarios with their live-action counterparts returning to voice their characters including Robert Downey Jr, Hayley[...]
You know how this goes- we bring you a daily dose of the best things happening across the television landscape as we take a look at what's been hitting your radar in the past 24 hours- with The Orville love continuing right along. The new faces this time around include Neil Gaiman talking The Sandman &[...]
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Earlier this week, Disney+ released a poster and official trailer Marvel Studios' What If…?, along with the news that the animated anthology series would be making its debut starting Wednesday, August 11 A reimagining of events you only thought you knew throughout the history of the MCU, the series is set to feature fan-favorite characters[...]
Explore the Possibilities of What If…? With New Wave of Funko Pops
Marvel has just revealed that the upcoming animated Marvel Studios series What If…? is set to stream on Disney+ on August 11 Unlike the Marvel Comics comic books that captivated fans, this anime show showcases new stories coming out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe With a multiverse, there are endless possibilities on what these What[...]
what if
On Thursday, Disney+ released a new trailer and poster today for Marvel Studios' What If…?, a reimagining of events you only thought you knew throughout the history of the MCU The series is set to feature fan-favorite characters like Peggy Carter, T'Challa, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor, and more Directed by Bryan Andrews with AC Bradley as[...]
First Marvel Studios What If…? Collectible Arrives With LEGO
Marvel fans are patiently waiting for the upcoming Marvel Studios animated series What If…? The series will take a looking at alternate realities where stories changed for some of our favorite heroes and villains Voiced by their actual Marvel Cinematic Universe counterparts, this show will be a wild ride for any fan LEGO seems to[...]
Chip Zdarsky & Pasqual Ferry's Spider's Shadow Gets Added Issue
Chip Zdarsky and Pasqual Ferry's Spider-Man What If mini-series, Spider's Shadow, was solicited as a four-issue mini-series Even the intro page to the first issue said so. Chip Zdarsky & Pasqual Ferry's Spider's Shadow Gets Added Issue But Marvel Comics have now told retailers that Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow will be a five-issue mini-series and have altered solicitations[...]
What If Archie Published A Comic Called What If? July 2021 Solicits?
Marvel Comics is turning their What If comic books into a TV series And it seems, in July, Archie Comics want in, collecting last year's Betty & Veronica: What If series in their July 2021 solicits and solicitations. BETTY & VERONICA: WHAT IF? (TR) BETTY & VERONICA: WHAT IF is classic B&V at their finest—loaded with friendship[...]
Classic What If Gets A Second Omnibus For December 2021
Courtesy of The Uncanny Omar, via Marvel VP – Sales, David Gabriel, comes the word that the Classic What If Omnibus with a Volume 1 coming out alongside the new TV series this August, is getting a second volume for December Which is one hell of a pace as far as Omnibuses go. The first volume collected[...]
What If...? has cast Frank Grillo aka Crossbones. (Image: Marvel Studios)
Marvel Studios and Disney+'s What If…? is based on the popular and continually "reincarnated" comic book series of the same name and looks at key main and supporting characters from Marvel's film and television worlds through an "alternative history" lens One of those characters is Frank Grillo's Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones, with the actor confirming to[...]
What If...? released new footage (Image: screencap)
Marvel, or What If…?). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBhlqe2OTt4Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Official Trailer 2 | WandaVision | Disney+ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBhlqe2OTt4) Last summer, Feige announced three Disney+ live-action series: Ms Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk Since that time, we learned that The Umbrella Academy series creator Jeremy Sister was tapped to develop and lead the writers' room on[...]
Marvel Studios offered up some more intel on Loki, Ms. Marvel, and What If...?. (Images: TWDC)
So with that in mind, here's an update on what's officially going on with Loki, What If…?, and Ms Marvel– ranging from new images and cast updates to series overviews and premiere release windows And speaking of Loki… ©Marvel Studios 2020 All Rights Reserved. Set for May 2021 with Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty) as head writer and executive[...]
What If...? released new footage (Image: screencap)
Of all the projects we heard about coming from The Walt Disney Company's investors day event (and there waves and waves of announcements), getting a look at real footage from the upcoming animated anthology series What If…? ranks as one of our personal favorites (and that dates back to our old comic book days)[...]