The Metropolis Robot Gets Her Own Figure From Executive Replicas

Executive Replicas has unveiled its newest 1/6th scale action figure as they bring an iconic robot from the cinema to life. Coming out of the 1927 film, Metropolis comes False Maria, also known as Maschinenmensch in all of her glory. This masterpiece of a film brought to life one of the first robots that viewers got to see on film. Now collectors can bring home and make the Metropolis bot for themselves with this figure that comes with 20 metal pieces of armor. The armor pieces will be placed on a seamless female body that comes in a black bodysuit. Metropolis Maschinenmensch will come with a special Art Deco theme display base, plaque, and a throne for more possible options.

Cinema buffs will not want to miss out on this truly remarkable collectible from a historic cinematic masterpiece. Metropolis fans will want to act fast as this figure is limited to only 500 pieces. The figure is packed with amazing detail and brings the art of the robot to life right before the collector's eyes. The Executive Replicas Metropolis Maschinenmensch Metal 1/6 Scale Action Figure will be priced at $499.99. False Maria is set to release between July – August 2021, and pre-orders already live and located here.

False Maria AKA Maschinenmensch AKA Metropolis Robot Arrives

"The Metropolis Robot AKA False Maria AKA Maschinenmensch, is one of the most iconic robots in film history and one of the first robots depicted in cinema. It is also a historic piece of science fiction history. Elegant in design, The Maschinenmensch replication used all modern technology and ALL reference material available to achieve the final product. Every effort was put into making this figure a genuinely collectible ART piece to guarantee to go up in value."

In 1927 the film Metropolis was released, a landmark film in cinema history not only because of the subject matter or the film's cost; approx. 3 million dollars to produce, the most expensive film made at the time. It was the set design and the creation of the Maschinenmensch robot by Walter Schulze-Mittendorff'. Not only was his creation a beautiful work of art, reflecting the art-deco movement at the time, but it was one of the first robots ever depicted in the film. To this date, Mittendorff's robot design still infatuates those seeing it for the first time. The robot itself could stand alone as a majestic statue to sit proudly on anyone's mantelpiece or table. Executive Replicas Inc. brings to you the first-ever licensed 1/6th scale Metropolis Maschinenmensch robot based on the silent film Metropolis. We are confident that we have achieved the Robot's most accurate representation as it was presented in the film.

The x 1/6th scale Maschinenmensch figure will include the following (Made with metal parts): 1 set of armor:  The armor includes the following:

  • 1 x faceplate
  • 1 x back of the head plate
  • 1 x front torso
  • 1 x back torso
  • 1 x right bicep
  • 1 x left bicep
  • 1 x right forearm
  • 1 x left forearm
  • 1 x right hand
  • 1 x left hand
  • 1 x upper right thigh
  • 1 x upper left thigh
  • 1 x right calf section
  • 1 x left calf section
  • 1 x right boot
  • 1 x left boot
  • 6 x ribs
  • 2 x helmet hooks
  • 2 x shoulder front torso hooks
  • 1 x sculpted head
  • 1 x female seamless body (model# JQQ10C-YS)
  • 1x black bodysuit to blend at joint openings
  • 1 x base representing Art Deco architect – material: resin
  • 1 x chair/throne as seen in the film – material: resin
  • The armor is made out of zinc alloy and painted its original silver tone color.
  • 1 x 5″x7″ numbered metal sublimation COA
  • High-end 4 color packaging.

Limited 500 worldwide production!


  • 1 product/individual box
  • GW: 0.27kg
  • Measurements: Size:37cm*32cm*12cm

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