Edward Scissorhands Pops Announced During Funkoween Reveals

Funkoween continues to surprise us and fill us freaks, shrieks, and collectibles. Earlier we got to see a new Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop that will be Books-A-Million exclusive and it looks like that he was just the tip of the shears. Funko has now announced a whole wave of Edward Scissorhands Pop vinyls. These will be his first wave since his solo release in 2013! There will be 2 retailer exclusives, 3 normal Pops, and a special deluxe. The first Pop we are gonna look at is the new mold featuring his all leather outfit. This is a very detailed figure compared to his 2013 Pop with more up close details with his outfit and his scissor hands. They defiantly made use of his lips in these figures which could make it seem a little different than the usual Pop design. Next, is a no make up version of the Book-A-Million that we saw earlier. Staying with the same outfit, Funko also showed off a Walmart Exclusive Edward showing off his paper cutting skills. The last reveal of this Funko Funkoween is a new Deluxe Pop featuring Edward cutting the hedges. This is a pivotal scene from the movie and it is a great moment to bring to life with all the Funko detail. This deluxe Pop will be bigger and more expert than the rest will be a must have for any Scissorhands fans out there. The last Edward Scissorhands figure is not Edward but Winona Ryder's character Kim with her white dress on.

This whole wave of Pops re a great start for the Scissorhands line and the added Kim is a gem. She is must have for the first wave and she will make a great companion piece for any of these figures revealed. Two of these Edward Scissorhands Pops are set as retailer exclusives. The rest will be released as commons and are scheduled for an August 2020 release. The Edward with T-Rex Hedge is a deluxe figure and is priced at $24.99 and the rest are $10.99. Pre-orders are already live and can be found here and stay tuned for more Funkoween reveals as Funko announces them.

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