Funko Pop Batman: Dark Nights Metal Devastator Figure is a Monster

Funko continues to build its ever growing line of Batman Pop Vinyls. Last year we saw a huge variety of figures comes out for the Dark Knight's 80th Anniversary. That trend continues into 2020 as there is just too much Batman to contain in one year alone. This time we are looking into a recent FYE Exclusive figure from the iconic DC Comics storyline Dark Nights Metal. This isn't the first time we have seen some of these other Funko figures get released as The Batman Who Laughs, The Dawnbreaker, Red Death, and Batman the Merciless have already been released. This time we have our hands on The Devastator, this is the Batman who became Doomsday to kill Superman. His story is amazing and his Funko Pop is a true beast and a worthy figure for any collection. Enough talk, let's dive right into our next Funko Pop review!

Right off the bat, you can see the packaging is it's own color and different look than usual. Funko did make black styled packaging with gold trim for the 80th Anniversary of Batman which is lovely. These designs really help with these Dark Universe characters and I hope this trend continues later on. Nothing else stands out from the packaging besides the color as it follows the basic design of the rest Pop line. As for the figure itself, wow, he is truly beast out of the Funko box. He is quite heavy and I'm surprised they didn't want to make him a 6" figure as that would suit his design a lot better. The Devastator is remarkably detailed for a Funko Pop and I'm very fond of what they did to him. His head does turn but it mainly just makes his head tilt rather than a side to side motion. His body has a weathering design and a torn Batman costume surrounding the beast. As this is a Batman /Doomsday fusion, they did capture nice elements of Doomsday from the body structure, spikes, and face. This design makes me think we could get an original comic design of the iconic DC Comics monster later in which I would love! His menacing red eyes are the final piece that really brings this monster to life. Those iconic Funko Pop eyes add this extra level of depth that you usually don't see in their figures. It could the color difference that really makes them pop but it's a beautiful sight none the less.

The Batman Dark Nights Metal Devastator FYE Exclusive Funko Pop is a collector's piece that not only does right by the comic but can please fans. It brings this character to life in a new and fun way that will make any collectors collection rewarding. If you are a completionist like I am, then he is a must have for the rest of the Dark Nights Metal Funko figures. We still have a couple more figures to see as we still need evil Cyborg Batman and Aquaman Batman. You can still add one to your collection today and you will be able to find links located here. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for more Funko Pop reviews and all your collectibles news.

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