D23 Expo: Loungefly Talks About Marketing a Lifestyle, Not a Product

D23 Expo was this past weekend, and Bleeding Cool was able to be on the floor checking out reveals firsthand. Lucky enough, we were able to get some interviews with Loungefly and their massively popular and growing line of bags. Loungefly bags are more popular than ever, with stores like Hot Topic and BoxLunch stores flooded with these gorgeous Disney-themed bags. Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and classic Disney animation all come to life in a unique way with these bags. We got to talk to llana McBride, Director of Marketing and Social at Loungefly, and here is what she had to say aboutLoungefly and how it's more than just a collectible:

When it comes to marketing something like Loungefly, where it's a bigger investment for people, how do you go about bringing in new fans and convincing them that this is something they should start collecting?

"We are not really marketing a product; we're marketing a lifestyle, this lifestyle that, If you're a fan of something, you should be able to express that. Not just at a Disney Park or somewhere where it's exactly fitting, but you should be able to wear your fandom on your sleeve all day, every day, any day. So how we market to our fans and how we bring in new audiences is really doing that. Explaining that we work with beauty influencers because we know that they are tangential fans; they're still fans too. We try to find different categories that help us market to somebody who is more attached to their lifestyle than here's a physical product.

"Our Instagram is a great example; It is lifestyle photography. We want to feel like we're fans behind the product, because we really are. We want to feel like we're not just selling you a single product but really that you can wear it in your everyday life. If you're going to a baseball game, you need our MLB bag; if you're going to a Disney Park, you're obviously going to wear a Disney backpack, but also, you can take those fandoms away, so it's not just for your one-time use."

"So our goal is really to just keep marketing this as a lifestyle brand. We introduced apparel at the beginning of last year and that also helps tell that story of you to get the shirt with the bag and everything, and we are expanding into even more new categories. I am not at liberty to say what they are yet, but we are expanding into new categories that we know our fans are going to be really excited for because they are just simply fans."

There is more Loungefly coverage to come, so stay tuned for more of Bleeding Cool's D23 Expo coverage. They cover plenty of fantastic themed goodies to show off your fandom to its fullest with wallets, bags, and now clothing! Whether you love Coco, Iron Man, or Grogu, they have you covered, and you can find all their goodies and more here.

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