Funko New York Comic Con 2020 Day 3 Round-Up

At last, day 3 reveals began and ended with some big surprises for Funko collectors. The long awaited comic book Pops finally was announced with 4 coming out of Marvel and 3 from the alternate dimension of DC Comics. Starting it all was the announcement of the Street Art Marvel Pop that will be exclusive to GameStop. Miles Morales starts off the series with an NYCC 2020 exclusive and is just 1 of 7. Next up we are getting a Venomized Magneto and a Zombified Daredevil that are ready to both eat brains and took terrifying while doing it. The Red Goblin flies on in last for the Marvel reveals giving Spider-Man fans a perfect blend between Norman Osborne and Carnage. As for DC Comics, The Joker steps off the crazy train to bring awareness to Breast Cancer as he sports a new pink design. Wonder Woman rides the lightning out of the recently postponed (again) WW84. This new dynamic Pop is packed with action and will be a great piece for any Wonder Woman fans collection. Dick Grayson ends the DC Comics wave as he is wearing his new 52 costume and the suit he is most iconic for wearing.

The last three reveals were a variety of with Escape from New York getting their first Pop debut with Snake. The Office is getting version 3.0 of Dwight Shrute as Recyclops which will be a big hit amongst fans. Last but not least, Funko ended the days reveals with Hanna-Barbera characters Dixie and Pixie with a special 2,500 Limited Edition set. Day 3 was quite magical and Magneto and Daredevil will be hot items this year that is for sure. I'm sure there are more surprises in store for Day 4 and we have yet to see Pop Animation so I would expect to see some Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia Pops soon. What Pops will you be getting from this set of reveals?

Just like previous conventions that have been canceled (Emerald City, WonderExpo, San Diego), Funko will be having replacing NYCC with Virtual Con 4.0. Just like San Diego Comic Con, these will all be released on the Funko-Shop in one big online event. NYCC 2020 was scheduled to take place between October 8th thru the 11th, so expect a release around then. Some (not all) of these Pops should be getting shared exclusives that will hot retailers like GameStop, Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, and more. If we look at the SDCC 2020 Virtual Con, the Funko-Shop purchases will be the only way to get your hands on an official NYCC sticker with a 50/50 chance. Fans will be able to find them here in October when the Virtual Con goes live but the date still has yet to be determined. The shared exclusives list should be released by the end of the week so stay tuned for that as well. We can only hope Funko does a better job with these online releases unlike dumpster fire for their SDCC 2020 launch. Stay tuned for new NYCC 2020 Funko reveals as they release throughout the day.

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