Prime 1 Studio Reveals Masterline Godzilla Heat Ray Vinyl Statue

Prime 1 Studio is unleashing the beast as they announce their new Heat Ray Godzilla statue from the recent film Godzilla vs. Kong. Unlike previous statues, this one comes along the lines of a Vinyls Statue, which ends up shrinking the size and the price compared to some of their other mighty collectible statues. Standing 16" tall, Heat Ray Godzilla is loaded with detail and showcases his atomic blue spikes as he stands on a rubble display base. With a realistic design, intense detail, and crisp detailing, this vinyl statue is a must-own collectible for King of the Monsters fans. Priced at $699, the Heat Ray Godzilla vs. Kong statue is set to release in June 2023, and pre-orders are live and located here.

"Prime 1 Studio is proud to present an incredible development in Prime 1 Studio Godzilla statues: the Non-Scale Heat Ray Vinyl Statue from Godzilla vs. Kong! At over 16 inches tall, Prime 1 Studio's Vinyl Heat Ray Godzilla lives up to his indestructible nature! While this new statue is smaller in size to our regular polystone offering, this version features crisp detailing and a lighter form factor."

"Our Prime 1 Studio artists have brought their energy and passion to this version of Godzilla as much as any of their other works. In vinyl, Godzilla's hyper-detailed scales, dorsal fins, and Kaiju anatomy have been sculpted to stunning life. Godzilla's face is no less terrifying as he throws out his enormous and iconic roar! Not only that, but Heat Ray Godzilla has been painted to perfection in lifelike and realistic colors reminiscent of the wind up to his famous finishing move. You can almost hear the "wooom wooom wooom wooom" sound as his incredible energy builds up to an explosive blast of Atomic Breath! He stands on a polystone base, themed to a film-appropriate, rubble-strewn street, no doubt devastated by his thunderous footsteps."

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