Hot Toys Teases Star Wars: The Bad Batch Figures Are Deploying May 4th

The Bad Batch is almost here, with the new series releasing on Disney+ tomorrow, and Hot Toys is celebrating with their newest 1:6 scale figure Star Wars announcement. It looks like the Bad Batch themselves will be getting the 12" Hot Toys figure treatment starting with fan-favorite character, Echo. So far, Echo is the only Clone Force 99 character that has not seen a collectible yet, so this is a real treat for fans. Since Echo returned in the final season of The Clone Wars, I have been waiting to get his new updated character design, and it looks like one is on the way. We can only imagine the four other Clone Force 99 troopers will be coming as well with Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, and Wrecker. Hot Toys has only shown fans a simple teaser image, but we do get to see the helmet sculpt as well as Echo's prosthetic arm design.

May the 4th can not come fast enough as we want to see the full reveal of the Star Wars Echo 1:6 scale Hot Toys figure. Like most Clone Trooper released through Hot Toys, we can expect to see highly detailed armor, removable helmet, display stand, and some equipment accessories. While most Clone Troopers are "clones," The Bad Batch is misfit genetic designs giving them all unique appearance which will be nice to see sculpted. Depending on the accessories, Star Wars collectors should see a $225 – 275, and pre-orders are expected to go live tomorrow on Sideshow Collectibles located here. With Hot Toys gaining The Clone Wars license, we can only expect plenty of more Star Wars animated designs coming to life through their 1:6 scale figure line. What are some other The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch figures do you want to see come to life in the upcoming Star Wars announcements?

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