The Best Transformers 2022 Holiday Gift is Robosen's Optimus Prime

Transformers are in for another big surprise as Robosen has released another auto-converting Autobot. Optimus Prime is back with a new and updated Elite Edition that gives the futuristic auto-converting robot new life. This marks the second version of Optimus for releasing, with the original Flagship model breaking the minds of collectors last year. Featuring the original G1 Transforms design from the 80s, Optimus comes to life right off the screen with lights, sounds, app functionality, and voice commands. Robosen was incredibly kind enough to let Bleeding Cool get an up-close look at Optimus Prime, and he is incredible. It is not often a toy that can bring a tear to your eye, but if any can, it would be this figure.

In collaboration with Hasbro, Robosen's robotics experts faithfully recreated the iconic Leader of the Autobots. I missed the original launch, but I remember hearing and seeing the hype of the Flagship model. Optimus comes in at a whopping 16 inches tall; he also features 5,000 components, he has roughly 80 sound effects and to top it off, he is voiced by the one and only Peter Cullen. Transformers fans will get chills listening to him talk, and his functions are very easy to use as voice commands begin by saying the command, "Hey, Optimus." Roughly 40 commands are infused with Optimus Prime allowing our hero to say iconic dialog, pose, and even attack coming threats.

Optimus Prime has 27 servo motors being run by 60 microchips, with the Elite Editon featuring a beautifully compact slimmer model and next-level tech. Two accessories are included with the Autobots Leader with his G1 Blaster (with lights) and his slick Energon Axe. Some commands can not be used with the weapons attached, so be careful. Everything about this Transformer is incredible, and you can get even more hands-on with the Robosen app that allows for more controlled options, missions that unlock more dialog, and customization. This is no doubt the ultimate Transformers collectible and will surely be a must-own piece of toy history.

There are not many cons I have for Robosen's Optimus Prime auto-converting robot. He does need a sturdy surface to convert and the space to show off all of his moves. Besides that, everything was flawless, he heard and executed my commands beautifully, and the app was easy to use and navigate. Both truck and robot display options are incredible, and you can even drive around Optimus Prime in his truck form via the app, which is a nice touch. If you are looking to own or give the ultimate Transformers gift this holiday, then look no further. You can find the Robosen Optimus Prime right here, and check out some of their other upcoming bot like Buzz Lightyear! Roll Out!

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