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The Best Transformers 2022 Holiday Gift is Robosen's Optimus Prime
Transformers are in for another big surprise as Robosen has released another auto-converting Autobot Optimus Prime is back with a new and updated Elite Edition that gives the futuristic auto-converting robot new life This marks the second version of Optimus for releasing, with the original Flagship model breaking the minds of collectors last year Featuring[...]
Optimus Prime Programmable Robot Debuts at Hasbro From Robosen
This time Hasbro has teamed up with Robosen Robotics to debut their new incredible programmable Optimus Prime Optimus Prime is loaded out with some incredible tech that will allow the Autobot leader to transform from bot to vehicle with ease, voice commands, mobile app control, and even programmable code development Standing 19" tall, this Transformers[...]