The Noble Collection's Mystery Harry Potter Wands Are Magical

Fall has arrived with winter on the way, making this the perfect season for the annual celebration of Harry Potter. 2021 also makes the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, so there is plenty of love for the iconic franchise this year. The Noble Collection has an incredible Wizarding World assortment of collectibles that they offer to fans here, from replicas to statues and even some jewelry. One of their coolest collectibles is their replica wands that put the power of your favorite witch or wizard in the palm of your hand. Some might think these are pricey, and they can be, but The Noble Collectible does offer some fantastic Harry Potter replica wands in special Mystery Packs. These packs can be found at Walmart, with two series being offered with the Death Eater and Patronus collection. Each Mystery Pack has a chance at 1 of 9 unique wands and even includes some sweet display bases to showcase these replicas in your Harry Potter Collection.

The Noble Collection was kind enough to send over some of their Harry Potter Mystery Wand packs to check out, and I was pretty impressed. I have purchased one of their first Mystery Wand Packs in the past, but they have easily upgraded these replicas by offering a display base. We opened up one of each of the packs allowing us to get one of the Death Eater wands and one of the Patronus wands. Starting us off first is the Death Eater series that gives collectors nine sinister wands that can be seen held by followers of Lord Voldemort. We pulled the Skull Wand, which is a simple wand for not one specific but the detail on this wand is pretty amazing. The deco might seem off on this but oddly enough it really enhances it showing off a bone texture on the skull making this a quite frightening display piece. The added Death Eater helmet stand really adds a better aesthetic to the wand making it completely worth the $13.88 price which blows away any competing replica collectibles out there.

We then switch on over to the Patronus Harry Potter Series that is loaded with some iconic witches and wizards from the beloved Harry Potter franchise. Each wand comes with a Patronus base that shows off the magical creature linked to each of these legendary characters. We pulled the Luna Lovegood wand, which was honestly the one I was hoping to get and this one is even better than the Death Eater series. Being able to get one of your favorite heroes from the Harry Potter franchise just have a way bigger appeal than a random Death Eater. The Nagini stand on the Voldemort wand is probably the best of the lot, but it is impossible to choose one from this series. The elegance of Luna's wand can really be appreciated here, but obviously, my biggest complaint is the wrong Patronus included the wand. Sadly we got Ron Weasley's Jack Russel Patronus instead of Luna's adorable Hare Patronus, which does ruin the display a little bit.

Besides the swap-up, The Noble Collectible has an incredible assortment of replica wands that collectors can get their hands on. These wands are perfect solutions to save yourself a trip to Universal Studios to get your hands on some great magical goodies. For a $13.88 price, these replicas are worth every penny even with a chance at the wrong Patronus and both series feature nice assortment of pulls. Harry Potter fans can purchase these bad boys right here and here which will be a perfect party favor if you decide to throw any HP parties this last half of the month.

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