We Take a Look At Spinmaster's New League of Legends 5-Pack

Video games are really starting to get some attention lately and that means more companies are acquiring licenses to make merchandise for them. League of Legends is one of those games that has always been popular among PC gamers and is now really starting to be explored with a new comic, animated film, and even some action figures. The newest set of League of Legends collectibles comes to us from Spinmaster as they revealed some Target Exclusive figures quite some time ago. This new line features new 4" and 6" figures as well as a special 5-figure Dual Cities Pack that  League of Legends fans will definitely want. Our friends over at Spinmaster sent us one of these incredible 5-packs to check out and these are the figures that LoL fans have been waiting for.

The 5-Pack Dual Cities set includes five iconic League of Legends fan-favorite characters with Vi, Ekko, Heimerdinger, Caitlyn, and an exclusive Jinx figure. It does look like the first wave of figures heading out will be considered 1st Edition so be on the lookout for that sticker in the top right. Each character features roughly 16 points of articulation, incredible detail for their 4" counterpart, and will come with retrospective weapons. Coming straight out of League of Legends; the accessories are a Hextech Rifle for Caitlyn, Bat for Ekko, wrenches and turret for Heimerdinger, and of course the deadly Fishbones and Pow-Pow for Jinx. Each figure does get a Summoner's Rift display base if you want to show them in action or keep them sealed and show off the sweet box art.

I do open some of my collectibles like McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figures, but multi-packs are my guilty pleasure to keep sealed. This 5-Pack set brings you all of the Spinmaster League of Legends figures in one set and it's amazing to see them on display in one place. These figures are also getting solo releases and I will easily be looking to add the solo Jinx to my League of Legends collection. However, be sure to pick up this 5-pack set to acquire that exclusive Jinx figure which shows off some pearlescent clothing and graffiti deco on her weapons. Spinmaster is kicking off this new League of Legends line in style with some iconic character from the game that fans have been wanting. These will be a Target Exclusive and so far I have seen solo figures hitting shelves now, they can also be purchased online right now here.

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