12 Bis And Emmanuel Proust Editions File For Bankruptcy Protection

RED_WIDOWEarlier this year, French comic book publisher 12 BIS is filed for bankruptcy protection. With a wide publishing line, 12 Bis publish among many books, the original French work of Terry Dodson.

This was announced in the official Facebook page of the "Groupement des Auteurs de Bande dessinée" (Association of Comic Authors), is a branch of the "Syndicat National des Auteurs Compositeurs" (National Union of Authors and Composers),

They offer legal counsel to the creators affected by the situation as affected creators began to spread the word, as message boards discussed the problems;

"Les Éditions 12 Bis seraient en mauvaise santé, ne payant pas leurs
auteurs, ce qui pourrait signifier le dépôt de bilan"

"Editions 12 Bis is in poor health, not paying their authors, which
could mean bankruptcy"

But it took some time for the word to be official, with the publisher's wikipedia status updated to read;

"Les difficultés connues par la maison d'édition ont provoqué
l"ouverture d'une procédure de redressement judiciaire en date du 30
avril 2013."

"The difficulties experienced by the publishing house have caused the
"opening of a court-mandated reorganization" dated 30 April 2013."

That's the technical French term for the process 12 BIS is undergoing

"Le redressement judiciaire est une procédure collective de droit
français dans laquelle est placé un commerçant, une profession
libérale ou une entreprise lorsqu'il est en cessation de paiements et tant qu'un redressement de l'activité est envisageable. À défaut, s'ouvre la liquidation judiciaire."

"The bankruptcy process is a collective process in French law that can be applied to a trader, a professional or a business when it is insolvent but a recovery of its activity is possible. If this fails, the liquidation process is opened."

Another smaller French publisher "Emmanuel Proust Editions" was been
put under the same "bankruptcy process" shortly after 12 BIS:

"Après les soucis de 12 bis, mis en redressement judiciaire il y a
quelques semaines, EP éditions subit hélas le même sort"

"After 12 BIS going for bankruptcy protection a few weeks ago, EP editions unfortunately suffered the same fate."

To lose one French comics publisher may be considered unfortunate…

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