25 Years Ago Today, Superman Died At The Hands Of Doomsday – Three Days Later Will He Rise Again In Doomsday Clock?

Twenty-five years ago today, 18th November 1992, DC Comics published Superman #75.

The culmination of The Death of Superman storyline, our hero from another world engaged in battle to stop a killing spree with an immensely powerful and seemingly unstoppable creature of alien origin named Doomsday across the United States. At the fight's conclusion, both combatants apparently died from their wounds in the streets of Metropolis in Superman.

The crossover depicted the world's reaction to Superman's death in "Funeral For A Friend," the emergence of four individuals believed to be the "new" Superman, and the eventual return of the original Superman in "Reign of the Supermen!".

The storyline, devised by editor Mike Carlin and the Superman writing team of Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway and Karl Kesel, met with enormous success: the Superman titles gained international exposure, reaching to the top of the comics sales charts. The event was widely covered by national and international news media, even making it into a sketch for that weekend's Saturday Night Live.

Copies were sold in sealed black bags with the bleeding Superman logo. It sold three million copies to stores, the second highest figure for any American comic book in history, yet media coverage saw it sell out overnight. Despite that people believed that it would be an instant collectable.

The story was adapted in part for the movie Batman V Superman and his return, in part, for this weekend's Justice League movie. The timing seems bang on.

And not just because Superman died on Alan Moore's birthday.

But also this week, Tuesday at midnight, is the release of Geoff Johns and Gary Franks' Doomsday Clock. Which is set in the Watchmen Universe of 1992 but will be bringing in familiar DC Comics characters. Which would be three days after the DC Comics-publication date of the death of Superman. Just in time to have a Messianic resurrection…?

Will Doomsday Clock teach us that Dr Manhattan brought Superman back from death at the hands of Doomsday?

Expect advance reviews for Doomsday Clock #1 to go live tomorrow night…

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