Vote Nick Xenophon Of The X-Men (Black Widow Cosplay Update)

xenophonposterThis is a campaigning poster from Australian Senator Nick Xenophon. You'll of course note the X-Men reference, and even the 60's styled "the".

As well as sounding like a mutant supervillain, Xenophon is a Senator for the state of South Australia, Independent, and this is his poster to advertise candidates he supports in the oncoming South Australian state government election.

Australians tell me that he's a fascinating guy – that rare politician who even when you don't agree with him on an issue, you know he truly believes it, has evaluated the facts, and isn't being influenced by outside forces.

He also once held a balancing vote in the Senate and used it to try get Scientology outlawed. Kevin Rudd, when PM, said he shared his concerns and launched a commission, but once Xenophon's vote didn't matter it quietly went away…

Depending upon the outcome of the second time around election in WA (they did a Florida), he may have a deciding vote in the Senate again.

UPDATE: Here is Nick with Black Widow cosplayer JusZCosplay.


Here are some of his previous stunts.


He does this for a day every time he's elected.


He's as stubborn as a mule, you see.


I have no idea.

So… cosplay, Nick? You'd make a mean Beast…

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