44 Thoughts About 44 Of Today's Comics – Old Man Sabretooth…

Everybody just go…

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Woooooow! And then everybody go…


Aaaaaaaargh! Rick And Morty and Winter Soldier help make my day.

Talking of which…

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There is a new Saga. There is a new Saga – and a new Walking Dead. Both on the same day! And today's Saga does rather like throwing a good punch. And it's not alone.

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We get a similar left smash from an old man beating up on a boy in Convergence: Superman in an attempt to look as nineties as possible.

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Though Convergence: Aquaman wins that game with a killing punch from the amputee Aquaman and Wildstorm's Deathstroke, giving him the stroke.. of death. Did you see what they did there? How much more nineties can you get?

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Okay, maybe Convergence: Superman: Man Of Steel is the most nineties, bringing us both Steel and Gen-13… and a Steel family too!

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Though I suppose, having Azrael fight Wetworks in Convergence: Batman: Shadow Of The Bat is possibly the most possible nineties it can ever actually be…. imagine if this comic had come out then! Two million sales!

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While you can be glad that this line in Convergence: Green Arrow was handled in a nineties fashion, rather than in a noughties Kevin Smith manner. I think his Oliver was also rather good at hand to hand…

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And if you can't actually get Jim Balent to draw Convergence: Catwoman, you just have a really good go with tight asses, breasts and sado-masochism – but everything fully zipped and covered up!


Convergence - Supergirl - Matrix #2 (2015) - Page 9

Still if you are trying to make sense of it, Convergence: Supergirl – okay, won't exactly help you out, but it will explain why things might not make quite as much sense as you might like.

Star Trek New Visions #6

And it's not much better for the folk in Star Trek New Visions #6. Also, they want your body? Really? Are you sure they swiped right?


Warren Ellis is wasted in comics He should be writing travel brochures. A launch for Injection #1…


And for Mythic #1. With some seriously strong shading from John McCrea, looking at the folk fixing the magic. And… you're not so bad fella….


I'm sure many would like to – Imperium #4 knows the appeals of sado masochism as well. Or maybe just the "sado" bit…

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Or, like Convergence: Green Lantern: Parallax, you can just use really big sound effects, as the nineties took on Walter Simonson's late eighties innovations…

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Or, in Convergence: Justice League International go back to the well of bad bwah-hah-hah jokes. Possibly the most nostalgic comic of them all this week…


I wonder if Mark Millar has this Hot Tub Time Machine-style fantasy often? From the new Chrononauts….

Image (103)


You know, if Magneto could possibly use magnetism to keep the two Earths apart in the final incursion – is it just possible that one of the Illuminati might have thought to use him in all the previous incursions that have occurred?


Negan might be back in today's The Walking Dead, but he is missing his Lucille. Could Unity #18 be that instrument's secret origin?

Image (112)

So, Bleeding Cool will be looking at a possible new fate for Old Man Logan later today… but could he have a rival in the form of Old Man Sabretooth from today's Uncanny Avengers?


The high tech and the low tech of East Of West.

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It's almost like Warner Bros execs are asking DC Comics this question, isn't it, in today's Convergence? I really hope they have an answer…


X-O Manowar #36 have their Musketeer moment.


Sixth Gun Dust To Dust #3 doesn't exactly cross palms with silver – unless it's a werewolf hunt. But everyone has a gun.


That's right Auteur: Sister Bambi #1, they're just everywhere these days. And this Tequila has quite the kick.

Uncle Scrooge #2

I was sure it was going to say. "Mene Mene Tekel Parsin"… but Uncle Scrooge #2 has other ideas.

Joe Frankenstein #3

Joe Frankenstein #3 – and clearly not the person to have Google Alerts for his own name.


Star Trek #45

Never do favours for your food. It will only come back to bite you. Star Trek #45 sees the crewmen given a little technical garnish. Anyone else feeling peckish?

ZvR #5

Even in the post-apocalypse where everyone is food, the argument still continues, in Zombies Vs. Robots #5.

D4VE #4

D4ve #4 prefers robots vs. robots. Sweary John Woo robots at that. It's all starting to get a bit Geof Darrow

Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #5

The other half was spent playing Candy Crush. It won't be enough for Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #5.


Robocop 2014 #11 has a helicopter. With a Robocop inside it. Which apparently is all you need to call it a Robocopter.


Giant Days #3 gives you far too many pictures than it can actually put on the page. Where is Avatar Oress when you need them?


Lantern City #1 launches in comic book form and already is on the Mhairi Black zeitgeist….


Are they talking about the trope of the website? And is this the first deliberate use of the phrase in what is ostensibly a kids comic? It could well be, courtesy of Bravest Warriors #32.


While Marceline: Gone Adrift #5, like Secret Wars #2 today, is resembling Judge Dredd Cursed Earth stories more and more…



Bill And Ted #3 recreate the Big Bad as an even bigger badder if those comments of his get retweeted…

Layout 1

Pathfinder Origins #4 actually wants to encourage Oedipedal complexes it seems. Keep things simple…

Layout 1

Everyone wears rubber underwear, who dares to enter Dresden Files: DownTown #4…

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I know at least one girl whose parents called hee Charlatan because they thought it sounded nice. Better than Chlamydia I suppose. Anyway, she turns up off panel in today's Reanimator #2.

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Solar #12 goes for brains over brawn. Mostly, Still hits people , but it's the thoughts that count…

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Ever read a comic book and just heard the music play? Ba dam ba dum badaaa! Legenderry: Green Hornet #4 does the trick.

LFGComic_issue2 11

Looking For Group #2 knows what is truly important in life. Pony!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently hosting the exhibition of the work of Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, to celebrate the launch of Injection #1 with Warren Ellis from Image Comics. Signing event this Saturday….


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