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DC Launches a Two-Month Gap in Their Comics in 2020 - A Kind of Convergence II
You know how we said that, numerically, we might be getting a Batman #100 in August? Well, make that September. Bleeding Cool heard at MCM London Comic Con from rather well-connected folk that DC Comics may be doing something similar to Convergence You may recall you heard about that at Bleeding Cool first too when we[...]
SDCC '15: Three DC Series Spinning Out Of Convergence #DCOctober
That's the thing about doing San Diego Comic Con, you miss the exclusives that PR give to other sites… such as IGN getting the nod over three new series spinning out of Convergence Superman: Lois and Clark Written by Dan Jurgens | Art by Lee Weeks | On-sale October 14 Following the epic events of CONVERGENCE, here are[...]
Exactly How The Convergence Comics Will Be Collected, Come October
This is how the DC Comics Convergence titles will be collected come October, as one month collects two entire months of the DCU… Is this part of DC's Big October? CONVERGENCE HC Written by JEFF KING, SCOTT LOBDELL and DAN JURGENS Art by ETHAN VAN SCIVER, CARLO PAGULAYAN, STEPHEN SEGOVIA, ANDY KUBERT, AARON LOPRESTI and others Cover by ETHAN VAN[...]
Now It's Time For DC Comics To Pay Scott Shaw For Captain Carrot…
Discussing the appearances of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew in recent DC Comics titles, including yesterday's Justice League United preview, co-creator of the character Scott Shaw was asked on Facebook, Andrew Rubio: Scott, have you or Roy received any compensation for the Captain's recent appearances (Multiversity and Convergence tie-ins)? Scott Shaw: Not a cent. Andrew Rubio: Well[...]
What Does Today Mean For Superman And Wonder Woman? Or Lois Lane?
And recently, DC Comics did this to drive them even further apart. As Lois Lane exposed Superman's identity to the world as a responsible journalist would, holding the powerful to account and critique, just like she used to do in the forties and fifties. I know, I know, I've already had the hate mail. But for all of[...]
A Look Inside Convergence Plastic Man and The Freedom Fighters #2
Here we have a look inside Convergence: Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #2 by Simon Oliver and John McCrea Enemies become allies as the Nazi run New York City is attacked by robot superheroes from Futures End Plus the issue includes a sneak peek at Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad[...]
When Did Oracle Get So Chatty Anyway?
Kind of his thing. And this is the Oracle as appearing in this last week's issue of Convergence. Blimey, when did he get so chatty? He can rest but he still keeps wittering on… I wonder if the "special thanks" to Scott in the credits is to thank him for stopping going on about how Oracle should be silent…. [...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 24th May 2015 – Secret Wars Women Beat The Secret Wars Men
The Secret Wars spinoffs also push all the Convergence spinoffs off the top ten as well, beaten by Wytches. 1 Star Wars #5 2 A-Force #1 3 Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 4 Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 5 Convergence #7 6 Ultimate End #1 7 Planet Hulk #1 8 Spider-Verse #1 9 Uncanny X-Men #34 10 Wytches #6 Thanks to the following retailers, Dr No's Comics &[...]
The Old DC Comics Characters Will Survive The Convergence
Bleeding Cool recently reported that the many different worlds collected on the Battleworld world of the Convergence would be seen again after the event, despite original plans for them not to. Well, at the DC All Access panel at Denver Comic Con, Convergence writer Jeff King stated that the after the Convergence "Every character will now be available[...]
36 Thoughts About 35 Of Today's Comics – From Trees To Lumberjanes
It's He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, isn't it? Skullthor, how couldn't I have seen that.. Star Wars seems to stray into Empire territory, with Han and Leia foreshadowing a very dsimilar conversation to come, as Leia does an impression of Kristen Schaal… It's not easy being Xander either. In Convergence: Flash, we get a look at the future[...]
Is That *Really* Telos That Superman Is Talking About In Today's Convergence?
In today's Convergence: Flash we meet the Tangent Superman and the Pre-Crisis Flash as they square off But Superman and Flash begin to ask certain questions about Telos, the being who has imprisoned them in the domes… Are they talking about the writer? The editor? The publisher? Or the readers? It can't be Telos… He can't even turn of[...]
A Comic Show – Secret Wars Battleworld Roadtrip!
Oh, and Star Wars #5 was almost all Boba Fett! I squeed throughout, and can't wait for next issue's Skywalker vs Fett! Convergence #7 was exactly what I wanted from Convergence #1 It feels like nostalgia that matters now, as opposed to set up for Earth 2: Society #1 I did geek out to Convergence's GLC's[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Convergences And Sensational Covers
Looking at a few changes 'twixt solicitation and publication in comics… Convergence: New Teen Titans #2, intended to include a bonus We Are Robin story by Lee Bermejo and Rob Haynes, instead it's a Robin, Son Of Batman story by Patrick Gleason. Convergence: Wonder Woman #2 intended to include a bonus Secret Six story drawn by Ken Lashley and Dale Eaglesham – only[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 17th May 2015 – It's No Secret
Convergence #6 6 Saga #28 7 Silk #4 8 Chrononauts #3 9 Uncanny Avengers #4 10 Batman #40 2nd Print Thanks to the following retailers Dr No's Comics & Games Superstore of Marietta, Georgia Jetpack Comics of Rochester, New York Fat Jack's Comicrypt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California Jesse James Comics of Glendale, Arizona Pittsburgh Comics of McMurray, Pennsylvania Rodman Comics of Ankeny, G-Mart Comic Books of Champaign, Illinois Who had this to say, You[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes Co-Co-Convergences
A few changes 'twixt solicitation and publication… and mostly DC Comics! Arrow Season 2.5 #8 was solicited as written by Marc Guggenheim and Keto Shimizu but was actually by Marc Guggenheim and Brian Ford Sullivan. Batman: Arkham Knight #4 was solicited with art from Viktor Bogdanovic but had Robson Rocha added. Convergence #6 was solicited with art from Ed Benes but Eduardo Pansica drew much of it. Convergence: Batman[...]
All The Worlds To Survive DC's Convergence?
It's world against world in DC's Convergence Death and destruction all around, world pitted against worlds until only one survives Or something. Sounds a little incursion-y. Convergence has been promoted as a way for DC fans to say goodbye to certain realities One last lap of an old favourite, A nostalgic love letter to what once was,[...]
44 Thoughts About 44 Of Today's Comics – Old Man Sabretooth…
And it's not alone. We get a similar left smash from an old man beating up on a boy in Convergence: Superman in an attempt to look as nineties as possible. Though Convergence: Aquaman wins that game with a killing punch from the amputee Aquaman and Wildstorm's Deathstroke, giving him the stroke. of death Did you see[...]
Suicide Squad Finally Lives Up To The Name (SPOILERS)
In the main Convergence series from DC Comics recently, we saw… well… spoilers for a couple of weeks ago… …Thomas Wayne committing suicide, big time Blowing himself and many other folk up in a big blast. Well, it seems to be catching. In today's Suicide Squad: Convergence #2 … okay, one of these again… …sees Amanda Waller portrayed in her[...]
A Comic Show – Secret Wars and Revealed Thors!
Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, it's a new A Comic Show that covers the crap out of Secret Wars #2, Thor #8's reveal, Convergence and the new DC June 8 pagers, and some of the best Image has to offer! Forget about the "Death of Marvel 616" click bait articles,[...]
Evan Shaner's Model Sheets For Convergence: Shazam #1
Artist Evan "Doc" Shaner has posted all of his model sheets for Convergence: Shazam #1 on his tumblr page Notice on how each page he does a head shot of the character in the style of classic Shazam artist C.C Beck right above his own take He even does the classic coloring on them. I've seen these[...]