A Brand New Look for DC's Cyborg, Today

When the character of Cyborg was reinvented for the DC New 52 as a founding member of the Justice League he was a bit of a hulking thing.

file_181931_0_justiceleague5cover658But in today's Cyborg short story in the back of Convergence: Crime Syndicate #2 sees the character going through a rather unpleasant double-arm-ectomy, amongst others, as he departs this mortal coil. It's not very nice.


Until something starts to happen. And that blood gets sucked back into the body.


It is indeed weird. Shazam does have a way with words doesn't he?image

This is your new Cyborg. More human looking limbs – even if they are less human than before. A less bulky frame. Able more easily to… "pass". Look he's even got toes and everything.

A modern fable in line with advances in body modification and gender realignment surgery and techniques? Or an excuse to look like the Agents Of SHIELD Deathlok? We'll find out in June…

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