A Christmas Fantasy Comic Needs Your Help

Ryan Haack writes,

Do you sometimes wonder why you thought Christmas was so special as a kid? Why you spent Christmas Eve night sleepless and waiting for Santa? Or how you persistently wished Santa was real even though your friends would tell you he wasn't in elementary school?

My newest comic Bric-a-Brac purposes answers to those questions and many other holiday-related conundrums of youth as well as the difficulty of celebrating Christmas as an adult.

A Christmas Fantasy Comic Needs Your Helps

Much like how our adult brains are divided about Christmas, this comic takes place on the war-torn Planet Christmas. This planet is in constant battle involving Nutcrackers, Good King Wenceslas, and fantastical creatures who are all fighting for resources.

What happened to this beautiful world? How could such a beautiful planet change in this way?

A Christmas Fantasy Comic Needs Your Helps

This beautiful comic (with art by Rafael Sam) follows the story of 10-year-old Garret who attempts to stop these horrible battles with the help of Father Christmas. His journey to meet Father Christmas takes him all across the planet and forces him to come in contact with new allies and just as many dangers.

Bric-a-Brac is a three-part story in total, but I'm currently Kickstarting the first part of it. We are raising funds primarily for production and printing.

There are so many rewards to choose from that you will find an amount you will comfortably pledge at! And anything helps, as we will lose all our funds to tell this beautiful story if we don't reach our goal by October 5th.

If you can, please pledge or share!

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