Amy Chu Talks Writing Red Sonja – "Not My First Redhead"

This December, Dynamite Entertainment is kicking off a new Red Sonja series with a 25 Cent #0 issue. Writer Amy Chu talks the special issue and the relaunch of the series with Byron Brewer. Cover by Nick Bradshaw.

rsvol400covabradshaw-1BYRON BREWER: Amy, we start this book off with a bang: an underground adventure AND a mystery! Quite ambitious. Is this the first time you have written Red Sonja, and how came you to these pages?

AMY CHU: Yes. Not my first redhead (I wrote Poison Ivy's first miniseries), but definitely my first time tackling the She-Devil with a Sword! Dynamite approached with the idea of doing a Red Sonja story and there's no way I'm passing that up!

BB: Continuing from the previous question, let's take seconds first. Does Sonja's underground Sleeping Beauty experience have anything to do with continuity from another adventure. If not, will we discover how come she is in slumber? Any hints? (smiles)

AC: I read a lot of previous arcs, but I wrote this for anyone to jump into, with lots of cool new characters — there will be some hints of previous continuity in there, but nothing that people will be scratching their heads over…

BB: Can you tell readers if these are demons Sonja fans have encountered before? Any details you can give us on this group, or even on one that may stand out from the crowd?

AC: Haha! Yes and no, depending on your definition! Sorry to be coy, but it'll be apparent when you get to the end of the issue.

BB: Is there another big-bad in the story, or are the demons and perhaps their leader(s) Sonja's prime adversary?

AC: Oh, there's definitely a big-bad! That's coming in issue #1. This is going to be Red Sonja at her baddest. I'm not doing any touchy-feely, slice-of-life stuff here.

BB: Did you work closely with artist Carlos Gomez to establish the atmosphere of this underground labyrinth? How is it working with this Dynamite cover art veteran on interiors?

AC: Carlos is amazing! I just gave him a few photo reference suggestions and a basic script, and he's really taken it to the next level. I'd say he's hit it on all fronts with the mood, the monsters, the fighting. You're not going to be disappointed!

BB: Amy, all the above said, we still have the mystery of how Red Sonja came to be where we first see her in issue #0, on sale in December. And although she is underground, is she still even on the Earth?

AC: Dude! You are asking all the spoilery questions! No soup for you!

BB: (laughs) I guess that is why they still pay me in Hyrkanian currency!

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