Animosity Evolution #2 Review: An Endearing Tale Of Four Sisters

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Four rodent sisters hitch a ride on Wintermute's refugee caravan on their way back to Wintermute's city fortress. What they discover is a world they didn't expect, receiving help from sources they didn't imagine.

One thing that always gets me about stories set in the Animosity universe is how often I must remind myself that this is a story about talking animals.

Animosity: Evolution #2 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager
Animosity: Evolution #2 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

In other words, I'm so often shocked by how emotionally weighty and compelling these stories are. Animosity: Evolution #2 is a good example with its story about Augusta, Julia, Octavia, and Septicemia. Each one is an endearing character, and their journey through Wintermute is an enjoyable one.

That being said, it is quite easy to get the four of them confused. Each has a different ornament on their tale, but, beyond Septicemia being the quiet one and Augusta being the vocal leader, they aren't especially distinct from one another. Augusta, Octavia, and Julia kind of bleed into one another. If these characters return, then perhaps there will be more room to expand upon them.

They are still quite enjoyable characters regardless, and it's easy to get invested in their story. You want to see them survive and thrive in Wintermute. The stakes feel real, and you know where they collectively came from and are going in all of this.

The city is well-defined as well. It's an environment you get the feel for, and you get a decent idea of how everything works.

Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager do a good job of creating a living, breathing world for the story to take place within. The sisters, as previously mentioned, aren't made to be particularly distinct from one another, but the world is still quite appealing. The animals still look good.

Animosity: Evolution #2 turns in another great story in the Animosity world for Marguerite Bennett and company. The characters are engaging, the premise is explored in a new way, and the story feels fresh. This one is recommended. Pick it up.

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