Archie Fans: Snag This Original Cover From #255 On ComicConnect

Archie fans have no shortage of collecting focuses. Ice cream covers, beach covers, Jughead eating hamburgers, car covers. There seems to be no end to all of the cool variations you can narrow it down too, and many collectors choose to do that over just collecting huge runs of the book. One cool subject I am interested in is baseball covers. I love the game, and Archie has had a few over the years. Original art from the series is also highly collectible, and up for auction right now is a Stan Goldberg cover illustration from issue #255, featuring Reggie as an ump and Archie insulting him, while Betty and Veronica root on. An awesome image, this is part of Event Auction #43, running now until August 24th. It currently sits at $58, so still low for one of the cooler Archie pages I have seen up for awhile. Check it out below.

Archie Fans: Snag This Original Cover From #255 On Comic Connect
Archie #255 Cover. Credit ComicConnect

Archie #255 Cover Plays Ball

"Stan Goldberg pencils and inks; cover; 1976; image size 13.75" x 14.25" Classic 70's Archie baseball cover by Goldberg. featuring Archie, Reggie,. Betty and Veronica. Pen and ink. Art is in good condition, there is some light discoloration and staining throughout, and there is glue residue on the back where it had been affixed to a larger board with the rest of the cover elements. Stan Goldberg was an American comic book artist, best known for his work with Archie Comics and as a Marvel Comics colorist, who in the 1960s helped design the original color schemes of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and other major characters."

Archie fans, don't let this one get away. Actually, do let this one get away, so I can snag it myself. Again, this is part of ComicConnect's Event Auction #43, which runs until August 24th. Go here and get the details on this cover, and while there check out all of the other items up for bid.

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