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Archie Fans: Snag This Original Cover From #255 On Comic Connect
Original art from the series is also highly collectible, and up for auction right now is a Stan Goldberg cover illustration from issue #255, featuring Reggie as an ump and Archie insulting him, while Betty and Veronica root on An awesome image, this is part of Event Auction #43, running now until August 24th It[...]
Great Comics and Original Art Up For Auction Right Now on Comic Connect
One of the other cooler pages is a Stan Goldberg Model With Millie page from issue #10, seen above. These auctions and many more all end on Comic Connect today, so make sure to go here, take a look around at the awesomeness, and if you can afford it- bid! Comic Connect has a wonderful comic[...]
Archie Summer Annual #280 Review: Summertime Shenanigans!
I'm partial to the one-page gag stories, especially A Cause For A Pause and Beach Speech, where Archie proves just how girl-crazy he is. There's a ton of talent in here, including Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo, George Gladir, Chic Stone, Fernando Ruiz, and more Archie Summer Annual #280 is a great read for kids who may[...]
B&V Friends Comics Annual #253
  According to Dan Parent, Archie will be doing a number of fairly tale stories for the classic Archie line. In this issue of Betty and Veronica
So Much Archie – Archie 1000 Page Comics Compendium
You have stories from Pat & Tim Kennedy, Fernando Ruiz, Stan Goldberg, Dan Parent, Jeff Schultz, Dan DeCarlo, Rex W Lindsay, Doug Crane and much more By having so much variety, you also get a good chunk of vintage Archie stories as well.  Classic Archie was never difficult to read There's no problem a quick[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Marvel And DC Comics In October, From Action Comics To All-New Miracleman
Though he still does the cover. And instead of Aaron Kuder, Action Comics #35 will also have artist Scott Kolins as well as Vincente Cifuentes, and the above new cover. Elektra #7 will have art by Alex Sanchez, not Michael Del Mundo. The Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 was solicited with contributions from  Bruce Timm, James Robinson, Stan Lee, Tom Defalco, Len[...]
Nancy Silberkleit Talks About Stan Goldberg
Classic Marvel and Archie Comic artist Stan Goldberg passed away at the beginning of the week Co-CEO of Archie Comics, Nancy Silberkleit offered her thoughts on the man Zam wham wow flowed through Stan Goldberg's veins Stan's style went beyond artistic talent, and placed him in the elite category of what we refer to as graphic[...]
Stan Goldberg Dies, Aged 82
Stan Goldberg, born in 1932, was a comic book creator who worked principally on Archie and Marvel Comics, including contributing to designing the look of Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, working for as a colourist, penciller and inker He also worked as the principal Archie Comics penciller from the nineties until the the mid noughties,[...]