Are Grant Morrison And Jonathan Hickman Planning A Sneak Marvel/DC Crossover? Reading Avengers And Multiversity Today…

Since the seventies, DC and Marvel have run a number of crossover projects. Superman Vs Spider-Man,  X-Men Vs Teen Titans, Amalgam, DC Vs Marvel... but then no more. Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas made disparaging remarks about DC, Paul Levitz tried to get Marvel's board memebrs to fire them, Bob Wayne said they'd only do a crossover with DC if Joe Quesada was fired… you know, the usual joshing.

Of late, Bleeding Cool has noticed similar plotlines at Marvel and DC. Hardly new, as Captain America/Batman And Robin readers will be familiar. But these start to involve each other more… directly.

Jonathan Hickman's Avengers books have seen other dimensional Earths incursing on our own, threatening to destroy both unless one is wiped out. And on these Earths we've had folks like these.


Who rather resemble DC's Justice League.

Well, in Grant Morrison's Multiversity #1, one of the Earths we encounter has a version of The Avengers, the Retaliators, as I heroes travel through the Bleed from one dimension to another.

So how far are they going to take this? Well in the new Multiversity: Society Of Superheroes #1, We get a scene like this.

mult And in today's Avengers we get a scene like this.

Image (43)

DC has incursing worlds? Marvel has interdimensional ships from other universes coming through The Bleed?

You don't suppose Time Running Out and the tenth anniversary of Crisis occurring together may be something…more than coincidence?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting the Scene & Heard collection, with Gerry Duggan signing next Wednesday.


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