Chatting With The Youthful Grant Morrison Super-Fan From SDCC

By Joe GlassYou may remember from SDCC my report on the Grant Morrison Multiversity panel, where I noted (as did everyone else there, Morrison included I’m sure) an incredibly excitable young fan of the popular writer.I may not have made it clear in the previous report, but a big part of why I noted the[...]

SDCC '15: Grant Morrison – Multiversity and Beyond!

He immediately admitted he has a hangover .Cunningham talked about how Multiversity may be the biggest event that Morrison was involved with, and even that DC has done Morrison jokes it sounds bigger than it felt when he was doing it.It started with him just wanting to make a map, like the classic psychedelic image/poster,[...]

Now It's Time For DC Comics To Pay Scott Shaw For Captain Carrot…

Discussing the appearances of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew in recent DC Comics titles, including yesterday's Justice League United preview, co-creator of the character Scott Shaw was asked on Facebook, Andrew Rubio: Scott, have you or Roy received any compensation for the Captain's recent appearances (Multiversity and Convergence tie-ins)?Scott Shaw: Not a cent.Andrew Rubio: Well[...]

All The Worlds To Survive DC's Convergence?

And as DC Comics begins to revamp their line with a rejection of house style in favour of a diversity of styles, characters and creators, so it seems those Convergence worlds will stick around.And merge with the realities seen in Multiversity The kids seemed to like that comic book too...  It's world against world in[...]

Bitch Planet Matches Multiversity, Convergence And Justice League For Meta Moment

Today sees the final issue of Multiversity, the latest issue of Justice League and the fourth issue of Convergence. The former shows crashing realities as Grant Morrison brings all the plots from the one shots together into one final push.With comic books as the meta-way out and potential solution to everything.And previous Crises coming to the fore as a[...]

Multiversity #2 Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

This was the solicited cover for Multiversity #2.. with Aquawoman of Earth-11, Damian Batman of Earth-16, Red Racer of Earth-36,  and Wundajin the Thunderer of Earth-7.But it seems that as a result of Multiversity: Ultra Comics, reality has been punched and the cover has changed...Now it features Aquawoman of Earth-11, Blitz of Flashpoint, Atomic Knight Batman[...]

Multiversity: Ultra Comics Vs. Grover From Sesame Street

Today sees the much-anticipated release of Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 With a very self-aware lead character, whose secret identity is all of us reading the comic book And reacting to the reviews of the comic book even before they are written.And who even gives you spoilers in the opening pages.And encourages you to pay as[...]

Tomorrow's Multiversity Comic Stars You In The Lead

Tomorrow's Multivsity: Ultra Comics is the culmination of something that Grant Morrison has been doing since Animal Man (after being influenced by Bryan Talbot who had done similar in Brainstorms). It begins with Ultra returning… …then appealing to the reader not only to not skip to the end but to not even turn the page… […]

Comics That Are (Hopefully) Worth Waiting For – Multiversity To Hawkeye

While #4 from the 16th July 2014 is now for the 4th May 2015.Multiversity: The Directors Cut #1 solicited for the end of February has been delayed until April - and its contents completely changed Also Multiversity #2 has slipped a month until April 29th Ah, we waited years for it, another month is nothing....Grindhouse:[...]

Multiversity Directors Cut Drops Ivan Reis For Frank Quitely

The Multiversity Directors Cut #1 was solicited as a special version of Multiversity #1.THE MULTIVERSITY DIRECTOR’S CUT #1 Written by GRANT MORRISON Art and cover by IVAN REIS On sale FEBRUARY 25• 64 pg, FC, $9.99 US • RATED T The first monumental issue of THE MULTIVERSITY is back in this new Director’s Cut Edition, presenting Ivan Reis’s pencil[...]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Multiversity To New Avengers

And the art, solicited from Bruno Redondo and Mike S Miller was actually by Pete Woods and Mike S Miller.Multiversity: Mastermen #1 had a 1:50 Variant cover by Yanick Paquette but was actually by Howard Porter Though Diamond still list this as by Paquette.New Avengers #32 will now be drawn by Mike Deodato and Carlos Pacheco instead of[...]

And Finally… Hitler On The Toilet Reading Superman Comics

From tomorrow's Multiversity: Mastermen by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee. Ouch. From tomorrow's Multiversity: Mastermen by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee. Ouch. From tomorrow's Multiversity: Mastermen by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee. Ouch. From tomorrow's Multiversity: Mastermen by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee. Ouch. [...]

Prints Charming: Multiversity To Black Vortex…

And comics news reporting sites become implicit in that market distortion every time we run them as a story.Well, we'll have a bit of that.Superman #38, full of his new power, new costume, and new revelation about his identity, has sold out and gone to a second printing, heading to stores for March 11th.It will[...]

So What Does John Byrne Think Of Multiversity?

The Multiversity Guidebook collated a bunch of different parallel universes - 52 in all - and described almost every one, including...Which was rather reminiscent of these titles.Naturally, this was brought up on the Byrne Robotics Message Board.How did it go down, do you think?Conversation locked by John...Remember, The Multiversity also includes a world of talking animals and[...]