At C2E2, Lion Forge Announces Army of One by Tony Lee, Yishan Li, and Bryan Valenza

The deluge of news and announcements from C2E2 is in full swing, and Lion Forge has announced a new series that won't actually debut until October at the Chicago convention. Billed as "a story of friendship, sisterhood in a fight against unsurmountable odds, with a few twists and turns along the way," Army of One is a new series by Tony Lee, Yishan Li, and Bryan Valenza.

The press release contains more details:

Seventeen year old Carrie Taylor always knew she was different to the other students, but when she's saved from nightmarish creatures by doppelgängers of herself, other 'Carries' from alternate dimensions, worlds and timelines, she learns the horrifying truth – that she is one of a thousand shattered shards of Sister Fortune, a great Mystic from another dimension; scattered into the multiverse after an apocalyptic battle with her greatest rival, Brother Havoc.

Now, after a millennia of constant death and rebirth, the shards of Sister Fortune are locked in an endless war against each other. In the midst of this, a small band of rebels band together, attempting to unify a force of thirteen doppelgängers, all with the aim of stopping Brother Havoc from finally taking over all of the Multiverses.

But is Carrie one of these shattered shards – or is she something new? And when she learns the truth about her heritage, which side will she choose?

Lee had this to say about Army of One:

I've known Yishan since 2005 – we worked for the same UK comics publisher, and over the years always joked that we should do something. After catching up at SDCC in 2016, we decided that it was now or never. We wanted to do something different, that really showcased our skills. I threw out the idea of a girl facing multiple alternate world versions of herself, within a matter of minutes Yishan sent me some concept designs – and I knew right then that we had something magical here. It took some time to fine tune the story and the characters, but once Greg Tumbarello brought us to Lion Forge, we knew we'd come home. They've given us the freedom to truly craft a story that's different to anything I've done before – and if you've read the scope of stories I did for Doctor Who, you'll know that's expansive!

And Lion Forge editor Mike Kennedy added:

This is a really exciting adventure on an epic scale – multiple parallel universes colliding in an ageless battle between Good and Evil. "But what makes this series so engaging is never knowing who truly is Good or Evil… different universes have different definitions, and our parallel heroines have different agendas and backstory motivations. This is a complex and exciting new storyline that I think readers will really get sucked into!

Pace yourselves, because there's sure to be about a zillion more announcements as the weekend rolls on. The good news is, publishers will likely continue talking about all these comics at all the rest of the cons throughout the Spring and Summer, so there will be plenty of opportunities for it to sink in.

At C2E2, Lion Forge Announces Army of One by Tony Lee, Yishan Li, and Bryan Valenza


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