Avengers #675 And Guardians Of The Galaxy #150 Not Included In Marvel's December 2017 Solicits… Yet


We've previously talked about the Classified nature of Avengers #675 and Guardians Of The Galaxy #150 which were not included in yesterday's official release of Marvel solicitations. But are noted in today's official release of Diamond solicits for December.

Avengers #675 is completely classified. It is advance-solicited for the 10th January 2-18 which may indicate some kind of cover enhancement that needs advance ordering. It has a Launch Party event which underlines that Marvel consider this is a very marketable and key issue, with promotional postcards and party variants and two premiere variants per store.

And there are tiered variants, which give you an idea of the orders Marvel are expecting for this, 150% of orders for Secret Empire #8 before you can order any of the John Tyler Christopher trading card variant, the Avengers variant, Skottie Young variant on top. Then there is a 1:25 Artist variant, a 1:100 Alex Ross variant and a 1:200 Alex Ross Sketch variant. Is a 1:1000 Joe Quesada variant to be announced later?

As to what it involved, Bleeding Cool speculation is that it could be the launch of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's previously rumoured Avengers run. It could tie in with the return of the Phoenix, as the Avengers comic did the first time.


The other classified entry we know a tiny little more about, Guardians Of The Galaxy #150. Also advance solicited for the week before, the 3rd January 2018, we know it's by Gerry Duggan and Marcus To with a cover by Aaron Kuder. It is also tiered to Secret Empire #8 for orders but Marvel expects 2/3 the numbers to Avengers #675.

They have tiered numbers for those who order 100% of orders for Secret Empire #8 and can then order any of the John Tyler Christopher trading card variant, the Kuder variant, Artist variant, Avengers variant, Skottie Young variant, a 1:1000 Classic Remaster cover and a 1:2000 black and white version of that.

As it stands we have even less of an idea about what's going on here, why the advance solicitation for January and the reason for the promotion of these issues aside from the 25-multiplier numbering.

But whatever it is, I'm sure we'll be told by someone when they are allowed to.


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