Batman #202 On Auction Today At ComicConnect Today

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Batman #202 might just be my favorite comic cover featuring The Dark Knight. Something about it and the time period it comes from makes it just a perfect representation of that era of DC Comics. A little sinister, a little mystery, and the most iconic versions possible of the characters. I am a yellow circle Batman guy; when I close my eyes, that is what I picture. Imagine walking into a drug store in 1968 and seeing this cover staring back at you. On auction at ComicConnect, today is a raw copy of this classic cover, done by Irv Novick. Sitting at a paltry $8 as of this writing, this is too nice a copy and too awesome a cover to pass up. Check it out below.

Batman #202 On Auction Today At ComicConnect Today
Batman #202. Credit ComicConnect

A Classic Batman Tale At A Low, Low Price

This issue features two different stories, "Gateway to Death" and "Menace of the Motorcycle Marauders." Both are really fun reads, but Gateway to Death is the one that we care about here. And it is a tale that focuses on Alfred and his days before serving the Wayne family, and a magician called The Great Norman. It is just a really fun little story, and any time we get a glimpse into Alfred's life before being a butler is okay with me.

This is a really great old 60's Batman comic that should be everyone's collection. And at this price, there is no way you should pass up adding this great copy. Go here to place a bid on this one, and while you are there, check out all the other books in the Kentucky Lot. There are some really great big books graded and not, as well as some awesome raw books to add to your collections, including a ton of Batman issues just like this one.

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