Batman and Wonder Woman Star In DC Endless Winter

Two teasers in the new DC Connect #4 digital catalogue follows up on the teaser for DC's upcoming December event Endless Winter as seen in last months' DC Connect #3. And it shows both Batman and Wonder Woman wrapping up somewhat. As we are told "You can't bury the past forever" and "We thought he was dead, but he's back." Promethea?

Batman and Wonder Woman Star In DC's Endless WinterBatman and Wonder Woman Star In DC's Endless Winter

Here's what we ran before:

DC Comics has teased a new event for December, Endless Winter. Initially, I had heard this maybe some kind of Justice League/Sandman Presents event, referring to the Endless of Sandman, but looking into it that rumour seems to be a spurious one. But this page in the DC Connect PDF catalogue with October 2020 solicitations, promises some nice and big and page-filling for a few months after that. It's unlikely we'll hear more about this at Comic-Con@Home but it might be just the thing for the folks at DC Fandome, or maybe later in the week as everyone is shagged out.

But there's more to 'Endless' than Sandman. DC character Endless Winter is a recurring Justice League character who first appeared in Action Comics #20 back in 1940, when the Ultra-Humanite brain-swapped the actor Delores Winters. Her own brain, jumping from body to body, greater a new body-obsessed supervillain along the way.  After the Crisis, she was the girlfriend of Lex Luthor. Luthor attempted to kill Winters, believing (wrongly) she has been possessed by the Humanite, but she is saved by Superman. More recently, stealing the Justice League character Ice's skin, turned Delores into character Endless Winter. She then became the  owner and operator of a spa/clinic that specialized in cosmetic surgeries, and super-powered fight club gambling. The losers of these fights would be given over to Winters and her doctors, their body parts would be sold to and implanted into clients who wanted to be metahumans.

Endless Winter was last seen pre-New 52 in the Justice League, dealing with Prometheus that led to her death. Of course, DC has rebooted its reality two or three times since then.

Or the title could have nothing to do with her. Or the Endless. But, in December, it is probably something to do with winter…

Batman and Wonder Woman Star In DC's Endless WinterBatman and Wonder Woman Star In DC's Endless Winter



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