Report: First Bendis DC Story to Appear in Action Comics #1000, with Art by Jim Lee

Back in December, Bleeding Cool told you that "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis, who left longtime home Marvel for rival DC in 2017, will kick off his ongoing DC Comics work by writing Superman with Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, a move which didn't sit well with DC exec and former golden boy Geoff "Jeff" Johns. And to that, we say, pip pip.

Now,'s Russ Burlingame EXCLUSIVELY reports that a Bendis Superman story will appear in Action Comics #1000, the oversized issue which will be released alongside a $30 hardcover to celebrate the milestone. Not only that, but DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee himself is drawing the story.

Though much was speculated about why "The Great One" would leave Marvel after all of these years, Bendis himself revealed that he was inspired by a trip to the Cleveland Library to visit a Superman exhibit. Though, it couldn't have helped that Marvel's sales are down and Bendis no longer had influence on the movies through Ike Perlmutter's Marvel Creative Committee.

Plus, at Marvel, if you want Jim Lee art on your book, you have to pull it out of a 1990s X-Men comic and shamelessly reuse it for a variant cover. At DC, you can get the real deal Jim Lee to actually draw something new.

Bendis Unchained?!

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