Berkeley Breathed's Mars Attacks Opus And More From The IDW Panel

Josh Kopin writes for Bleeding Cool;

A little more from Saturday's IDW panel, already reported on here and here.

The panel included Dirk Wood, Greg Goldstein, Katie Cook, J.K. Woodward, Andy Diggle, Mike Johnson, J.M. Dametteis and Fred van Lente.

Ward first announced five Mars Attacks one shots for the next few months, Mars Attacks Popeye, Mars Attacks Kiss, Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters, Mars Attacks Zombies v. Robots and, finally, a Mars Attacks Honey Boo Boo Mini that I want desperately to read. There were also variants announced, in the vein of the Dave Sim one this site reported earlier this week: J. Bone drawing Miss Fury, Berkeley Breathed drawing Opus, Walt Simonson doing Starslammers, Rob Gillory doing Chew, Mike Allred doing Madman, Terry Moore doing Strangers in Paradise and Roger Byrne doing ROG 2000.

Andy Diggle spoke briefly about his Dr. Who comics, saying that "it is a real honor to do it, but also completely terrifying," that he doesn't think of the character, or any character owned by someone else, as "licensed," just "preexisting." He also mentioned that he couldn't get them in the UK, because of licensing, and that he might stuff his suitcase full, for his friends. Although the company has plans for more Classic Who reprints, there is no plan for an ongoing series. Diggle mentioned that, if the company could get the rights, he would love to write and Absalom Dark, Dalek Killer series, saying "I woud write that shit for free."

J.K. Woodward then spoke about his work on the Star Trek/ Dr. Who series. Goldstein added that they would like to do another one, but that there's some other stuff they have to do first– Woodward suggested a Star Trek/ My Little Pony crossover.

Fred Van Lente spoke about his love for G.I. Joe, which he says he has had since the age of the kung fu grip, and described the hook of his new story thus: Cobra is going to bring the war to a now very public team of Joes, in the United States– the first arc will be called "Homefront." He also mentioned that the team will be the "core team," talked about his great love for Baroness and praised the work of his partner Steve Kurth. calling that artist a "natural" for the book. Ryan Dunlavey will be doing Comic Book History of Comics-style variant covers for the series. There's also a third new series, Cobra Files, by Make Costa and Antonia Fuso.

Ward then reported to the crowd, as Bleeding Cool did earlier this week, that Katie Cook's My Little Pony comic sold over 90,000 copies. Cook then roared "I OUTSOLD UNCANNY AVENGERS!" She said that these numbers are particularly surprising to her, since she wrote an epic adventure story that fans of the property probably didn't expect. She added that the artist Andy Price, drew himself and his wife, Cook, Tom Selleck and the Blues Brothers into one page of the comic. She also emphasized that she think the books has humor and a great story, and so is the perfect all ages comic, meant to be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

J.M. Dematteis then spoke briefly about his upcoming all ages book, Augusta Wind.

Johnson then spoke briefly about Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, and added that, while the mini is specifically a prologue, there's all sorts of prologue-y stuff in the ongoing series.

Goldstein and Ward spoke briefly about some other projects– an Artist's Edition of the Spirt and Gil Kane's Spider-Man, some new books in the Library of American Comics and a bimonthly horror reprint anthology from Craig Yoe.

The next Parker book should be out by NYCC next year, but the company is going to let Darwyn Cooke take as much time as he needs.

Finally, a fan said that he though IDW was the first company to treat their franchises with respect, and he just wanted to thank the company for that.

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