What Are The Best Weapons In The Marvel Universe?

What are the best weapons in the Marvel Universe? Marvel has put out their top ten list and it got me thinking.

Jarnbjorn, Thor's ax from the time before he got Mjolnir, and the Ultimate Nullifier are the only two on the list that have not made an appearance in a Marvel Studios movie or television series. Everything else has had some screen time from the Destroyer appearing in Thor and the Darkhold appearing on Agents of SHIELD, you can find a live action version of all of them. Was it the cinematic turns that made these weapons so powerful?

And interestingly enough, weapons like Wolverine's claws and Spider-Man's webshooters aren't on the list. Is that because they're part of the wrong studio? No Ebony Blade or the Box armor from Alpha Flight, but Thor's back-up weapon made the list and a device that we know is awesome because Stan Lee told us it was. You'd think the Super-Adaptoid would've made the list at least. And with how it's been used… couldn't the Terrigen mist be considered a weapon?

And I'm not sure about the Darkhold… can a book of knowledge really be a weapon. Knowledge itself can be, but the book that holds it?


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