Brian Bendis And Chris Ware Also Removed Their Names From The Angoulême Grand Prix (UPDATE: And Bill Sienkiewicz)

chris_ware_picture2We reported that, after mass exodus of nominated creators in the light of no women being listed on the Angoulême Grand Prix list, the Festival had acquiesced and had decided to add female names to the list.

Will that mean those who withdrew nominations will return them?

Well add two more to that list to consider, Chris Ware telling Bleeding Cool through his publisher Penguin "While I am flattered to be nominated for the Angouleme Grand Prix, I support the reasons for  Mr. Sattouf's boycott and withdraw my name from consideration, as well"

And Brian Bendis posting to Tumblr,

i did not rush to withdraw my name at first because i have no idea who runs angouleme, i do not know who put this list together, and i have no idea what the agenda is. was it oversight?  was it a mistake?  i have so little desire to jump into an internet dust up just because somebody else is.  there's way too much of that going on in the world. also to instantly slam down on someone(s?)  who, if i may be 'cup half full' for a second, was at least trying to celebrate this art form of which i have dedicated my life seemed rather rude of me.

i also thought being the youngest on the list with the least chance of winning, my self removal would be a VERY shallow gesture. if i remove myself does that mean they WILL put in a female creator?  would that creator want the 'honor' at this point? i couldn't think of one female creator who would want it at this point.

then i thought; if everyone bails, i become president of angouleme by default, take the stage, read MY list of thirty female creators who i would pick in a heartbeat, and give it to them like Lindsey lohan breaking up the prom queen crown at the end of mean girls.

but as i drifted off to sleep last night i thought of my daughters.  my smart, strong willed daughters who will STILL have to fight for their equal rights and how they will STILL have to fend off some men treating them as objects before they can see them as individuals and how insane it seems to me.

so, with that i join my fellow creators in removing my name from the angouleme grand prix list. i hope the people in charge who, again, i do not know rectify whatever happened that created this mess. i truly thank them for the honor and will gladly accept it once the honor is restored to its full power of inclusion to all creators all over the world.

That's ten. A full third. And Alan Moore will take his name off anyway…

UPDATE: Bill Sienkiewicz tells me

I'm recusing myself as well.

"Thank you. It's an honor to be nominated. Excluding half the creative population from the nominations is anything but. Embrace the Women Creators. They honor the Artform. Treat them like it."

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