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Hermann Will Accept The Angoulême Grand Prix If Offered To Him
Recently, we reported that none of the three nominees were likely to accept this year's Grand Prix from the Angoulême festival, after considerable controversy and change over the nominees. Both Alan Moore and Hermann had previously said they would refuse the award and new nominee Claire Wendling asked her fans not to vote for her. However, ACBD reports that[...]
Angoulême Names Claire Wendling, Hermann And Alan Moore On Grand Prix Shortlist
The Angoulême Grand Prix 2016 votes are in after the judges withdrew the original long nomination, after receiving criticism of having an all male list of thirty names. A winner will be announced  on Wed Jan 27th at 6.30pm by 2015 Grand Prix winner, Otomo Katsuhiro The three nominations are Hermann, Alan Moore and Claire Wendling[...]
Now Christophe Blain And Pierre Christin Withdraw From Angoulême Grand Prix Over Lack Of Female Nominees – Over A Quarter Of All Names
FranceTVinfo adds two more Angouleme Grand Prix nominees withdrawing their name from the prize in protest against no women being selected for the thirty-strong list French creators Christophe Blain, of Quai d'Orsay and Pierre Christin of Valerian have now joined Milo Manara, Etienne Davodeau, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Riad Sattouf and Joann Sfar making a total of eight out of the thirty, over a[...]
The Angoulême Awards 2015 – Riad Sattouf To Chris Ware
The Angoulême Awards have now all been presented, as well as the Grand Prix Award to Katsuhiro Otomo and the Grand Prix Special Prize to Charlie Hebdo And it wouldn't be the only reference to that magazine in the prizes… The Gold Award for Best Album went to L'Arabe Du Futur Vol 1 by Riad Sattouf, published by Allary[...]
Katsuhiro Otomo Wins Grand Prix And Presidency For Angoulême 2016
Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo has won the Grand Prix for Angoulême, recognising a comic book creator's contribution to the artform His acceptance speech is below. [youtube][/youtube] Otomo won with 38% of the vote, against Alan Moore and Hermann. A special prize has also been given to the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. [...]
Hermann Declines Angoulême Grand Prix – Is It A Lock For Otomo? (UPDATE)
Yesterday, it was announced that the three finalists for the Angoulême Grand Prix award, which celebrates a comic book creator's lifetime contributing to the form, were Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hermann. Moore had previously declined the nomination And yesterday, Hermann also declined the nomination. If Moore continues to reject this year's call, then it looks like[...]
Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hermann Are Angoulême Grand Prix Finalists
Last year, the Angoulême Festival chose three finalists to win their Grand Prix Award for the show, and become their president at the festival for the next year Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Bill Watterson Moore won but declined to be so honoured, and Watterson was duly voted in. Well, the judges have picked their top three from[...]
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The list for the Angoulême Grand Prix has been published Voted on by the Academy, the winner of the most prestigious ward in comic books is names the President of the next festival This year it was won by Bill Watterson, after Alan Moore declined the honour. Nevertheless, he is nominated again, as well as for the first time,[...]
Alan Moore Withdraws From Angoulême Grand Prix
So Alan Moore is one of the three main nominees for the Grand Prix of Angoulême, alongside Bill Watterson and Katsuhiro Otomo. Such an honour, the greatest in the comics industry, would see Moore made a member of the Angoulême Academy and President of next year's festival This accompanies the French release of Neonomicon, a major[...]
Boycott Threatens To Disrupt Angoulême Grand Prix
The Grand Prix at Angoulême is the highest acclaim any comic book creator can receive in comics Voted on by the Grand Prix Academy made up of acclaimed French comic book creators, the winner will become a member of the Academy and the president of next year's Angoulême festival. Presented to authors whose work is published[...]
Angoulême Opens Voting To International Comic Book Authors
This year Jeoh Loeb can vote on the Angoulême Grand Prix from his Californian home without any difficulty. With a large influx of new voters from America, Japan, Brazil who may be less familiar with the home grown French/Belgian talent, could this change the Grand Prix forever? Or will the majority just not take advantage of the[...]
Angouleme Grand Prix "Scandal" Rolls Out
Louis Trondheim tweeted the shortlist of the Angouleme Grand Prix presented to the Academy, and the five names listed He added; La majorité de l'Académie atteint son seuil de compétence en élisant le seul auteur connu(excellent neanmoins)par elle… — lewistrondheim (@lewistrondheim) February 3, 2013 Or, most of the Academy reached the limits of their competency by electing[...]