Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Pérez

Yesterday, legendary comic book creator George Pérez told family, friends and the world that he had stage 3, inoperable pancreatic cancer. That he had chosen not to receive further medication. And had a life expectancy of six months to one year. Among the  memories and well-wishes from comic book creators and fans were repeated calls for DC and Marvel to reprint the 2004 JLA/Avengers volume by George Perez and Kurt Busiek.

Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Pérez
Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Pérez
  • Simon Bowland: Now would be a good time for @Marvel and @DCComics to come together, reprint JLA/Avengers in a new hardback edition, and send George Pérez and his family plenty of royalties.
  • Billy Hynes: How about @Marvel and @DCComics bury the hatchet and rush out a short run of a JLA/Avengers HC/Collection to benefit George Perez's family? Even reissuing the previous one. He's spending so much energy on trying to see fans etc. RT to support. @CBCebulski @JimLee @KurtBusiek
  • Graeme Mc Millan: Here's hoping that DC and Marvel step up to offer financial assistance to Perez and his family to cover medical costs. Both companies owe that man a lot.
  • LodiX: Hey @JimLee and @CBCebulski : let's do the right thing and relaunch JLA / Avengers with the proceeds going to support #GeorgePerez family through his health crisis. We all know fans would rally behind this.
  • John Porter: He's made millions for @DCComics @Marvel – the decent thing now would be a new hardcover edition of JLA/Avengers with all the profits in perpetuity shared between the Perez family and cancer research.
  • John Ernenputsch: You know what would be cool? Marvel & DC figuring out a way to work together on a George Perez tribute issue since he worked on every big character at both companies and his & Busiek's JLA/Avengers was the culmination, and last, of the Marvel & DC team-ups. @JimLee @CBCebulski

Currently the hardcover collection is long out of print, and sells for $400 on Amazon and a copy of the trade paperback recently sold for $200 on eBay. Marvel and DC Comics, who ran regular crossovers over the decades, have not done anything like that for the last decade-and-a-half, due to corporate politics. Might something like this breach the divide? Marvel editorial types who worked on the volume have shared their memories…

  • Stephen Wacker: Assistant editing JLA/Avengers was one of the few times my natural fanboy got the better of me. I had (and still have) no idea how to talk to George Perez without bursting with WAAAY too much enthusiasm. His work means the world to me.
  • Tom Brevoort: I bought this page of JLA/Avengers #1 when the book came out, to no one's surprise. I had insisted that the Flash be the first character to cross between the DC and Marvel Universes (there was no pushback.) Around the office, this was known as "Tom's page"
Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Pérez
Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Pérez

Is now the time? Marvel? DC?

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