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Recognizing that their live-action world has a foundation built in part by Marv Wolfman and George Perez's The New Teen Titans run, the cast is checking out the comics and offering some fun, dramatic readings of the dialogue as well as some commentary on how different their characters looked back then. Image: Screencap So for a look[...]
Grab a Page Of George Perez Teen Titans Original Artwork From 1982
New Teen Titans #19 from 1982 was written by Marv Wolfman, pencilled by George Perez, with inks by Romeo Tanghal, coloured by Adrienne Roy, lettered by John Costanza, and edited by Len Wein.  One page of original artwork from that issue, written and drawn almost forty years ago is currently up for auction from Heritage Auction[...]
Today, DC Comics Defines Deathstroke As A "Pedophiliac Rapist"
So we found an interview with George Perez when he would state just that, albeit it in a different tone. But answering questions set by Brian Salvatore at Multiversity three years ago, Christopher Priest took a different tack He wrote the characters of Deathstroke and Terra in his DC Rebirth run on Deathstroke, including rewriting events[...]
From Manara To Mignola To Madueira - Original Artwork Up For Auction
In Excellent condition. Early Mignola art, currently at $320. George Perez JLA George Perez and John Beatty Justice League of America #192 Story Page 2 Original Art (DC, 1981). Justice League members, Wonder Woman, Superman, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Batman, assemble on the Watchtower to discuss their United Nations membership Ink over graphite on Bristol board with an[...]
First Appearance Of The New Teen Titans On Auction On Comic Connect
This classic by Jim Starlin and George Perez pretty much is as good as it gets as far as Teen Titans runs are going to go The two defined the characters, and their run is one of the all-time greats Now up for auction on ComicConnect, part of Event Auction #43, is a CGC graded[...]
Crisis On Infinite Earths #7 9.8 Up For Auction Right Now
Homaged and redone to death over the years in every medium, this George Perez cover is up there as one of the most well-known covers ever Now up for auction at ComicConnect and part of Event Auction #43, a CGC 9.8 copy of the book is up for bid It is sitting at just $27[...]
The George Perez Wizard Magazine Cover Coloured Three Times
But yesterday he regaled us with a tale of when his colouring just wasn't what Wizard Magazine wanted for George Perez – not that they would tell him what they wanted He writes. Years ago, when Wizard Magazine was super-popular, they asked me to color a crossover cover by the great George Perez. Back then I was[...]
DC Collects All of George Perez's Wonder Woman in an Omnibus, Then His Superman
May will see the previous announced Wonder Woman: War of Gods Omnibus Hardcover collecting his big crossover event. But it's not the only big George Perez collection in May.  We're also getting The Adventures of Superman by George Perez, collecting his earlier run on Superman in hardcover for the first time Here's the listing… Now collected for[...]
Yesterday's News Today: That Time George Perez Condemned DC Working Practices
Take, for instance, the stunning new clickbait technology developed by our friends at, who published an article this weekend headlined George Perez's Corporate Clash over Superman: 'They Made Me Not Care'. Now that's a headline! How do you make one of comics' most revered legends stop caring about his work? Well, this occurred during the[...]
Marvel Shows Off George Perez, Ryan Ottley War of the Realms Variants
Like the George Perez variant Marvel just sent out in a press release, the Cho variant was previously announced along with 24 other variant covers Yesterday we got two new ones from Ron Lim and Adi Granov And today, alongside the Perez variant, Marvel revealed a new one by Ryan Ottley. So depending on whether any[...]