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George Perez' Shirts Up For Sale, To Help His Widow, Carol Flynn
Earlier this year,  George Perez died from pancreatic cancer, though not before the comics industry were acle to express their love for him, both in words and in deeds, with Marvel and DC collaborating to reprint his Justice League/Avengers crossover. Spencer Beck of Artists Choice has been working with Carol Flynn, George's widow, to sell[...]
Marvel Comics' Tributes To George Perez & Neal Adams, Today
Adams' influence cannot be overstated. GEORGE PÉREZ – 1054-2022 "George is one of those ridiculously gifted talents of whom you could ask anything and he would give it to you, in many cases better than you asked." — CHRIS CLAREMONT MARVEL COMICS PAUSES TO REFLECT ON THE LIFE AND CAREER OF BELOVED WRITER AND LEGENDARY ARTIST GEORGE PEREZ,[...]
Entire George Pérez & Klaus Janson Marvel Beatles Comic Art At Auction
Rendered by the artistic duo of George Perez and Klaus Janson, it featured 39 pages of four-color majesty, a visual history of the Fab Four, all the more glorious in its magazine-sized format Conte crayon and Zipatone over graphite on Bristol board with image areas of approximately 10.5" x 15" There are stat paste-up text[...]
DC Comics
Maestro was also the character that George Perez created with Peter David for Marvel's Hulk: Future Imperfect series And makes for a wonderful title for Perez as well, going forwards. Teen Titans Academy #15 Last year, George Pérez told family, friends and the world that he had stage 3, inoperable pancreatic cancer That he had chosen not to receive[...]
George Perez Teen Titans Goodness On Auction At ComicConnect
George Perez is known for many things, but I will always love his work on Teen Titans the most With everything happening right now with him, I have been revisiting some of my favorite works of his Boy, as good as events like Crisis and JLA/Avengers are, not to mention his Avengers runs, his work[...]
Teen Titans Original Artwork By George Pérez Up For Auction
A 1975 comic convention with a George Perez Human Torch sketch, as well as one from Mike Gustovich. Teen Titans Original Artwork By George Pérez Up For Auction Official convention program with full page sketches by George Pérez and Mike Gustovich; 1975; Rare Great Human Torch portrait by a youngGeorge Pérez and a full figure Thor by[...]
Dan DiDio Visits George Perez
Last year, legendary comic book creator George Pérez told family, friends and the world that he had stage 3, inoperable pancreatic cancer. That he had
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Whatever it was that allowed this reprint to be released I am very grateful and on behalf of the fans all I can say is well done DC and Marvel! And of course, I am so elated that all profits from this re-print are going to one of my favorite personal charities!" DC Comics editor-in-chief Marie[...]
Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Perez
Among the  memories and well-wishes from comic book creators and fans were repeated calls for DC and Marvel to reprint the 2004 JLA/Avengers volume by George Perez and Kurt Busiek. Calls For Marvel And DC To Republish JLA/Avengers for George Pérez Simon Bowland: Now would be a good time for @Marvel and @DCComics to come together, reprint[...]
Remembering George Perez
Here is just a small sample of some that we read. Colleen Doran: Every day is a good day to tell the world how much you love George Perez. Tom Brevoort: There's a story about George Pérez and Infinity Gauntlet that I tell to young artists and editors as a learning lesson When George came back to[...]
Peacemaker: Who is that Goofy Vigilante in the HBO Max Series?
So who is this Vigilante, reconfigured into another costumed goofball in director and showrunner Gunn's coterie of costumed goofballs? Vigilante in "Peacemaker" still courtesy of HBO Max British actor Stroma plays Adrian Chase aka The Vigilante, a new character originally created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in the New Teen Titans comic series in the 1980s[...]
Recognizing that their live-action world has a foundation built in part by Marv Wolfman and George Perez's The New Teen Titans run, the cast is checking out the comics and offering some fun, dramatic readings of the dialogue as well as some commentary on how different their characters looked back then. Image: Screencap So for a look[...]
Grab a Page Of George Perez Teen Titans Original Artwork From 1982
New Teen Titans #19 from 1982 was written by Marv Wolfman, pencilled by George Perez, with inks by Romeo Tanghal, coloured by Adrienne Roy, lettered by John Costanza, and edited by Len Wein.  One page of original artwork from that issue, written and drawn almost forty years ago is currently up for auction from Heritage Auction[...]