You Can't Not Read They're Not Like Us #4


I think we all have a list of comics that we read for fun, and then a list for comics that we read because we can't NOT read them. The content that lies within is so powerful, that it's impossible to resist reading no matter how it makes us feel. That's how I feel about They're Not Like Us from Image, written by Eric Stephenson with art by Simon Gane. It's such a well-written, emotional story, that I actually feel different when I open up a new issue. It isn't a matter of flipping through pages carelessly. It's about putting on a whole different reading hat, and diving deep into Eric Stephenson's meaningful script. After reading last month's installment, I knew I was in it for the long haul. Issue #4 continues to confirm that feeling.

We've learned a decent amount about the wide range of characters that live together under The Voice's command. This issue centers on the controversial topic of these people having to rid themselves of their past. For most, this includes killing their parents. Stephenson plays with a very serious concept here, because I would imagine, this elicits some intense feelings from readers no matter what their upbringing was like. If you had a happy childhood, you wouldn't be able to imagine living a life without your parents. If you had a bad one, you most likely still wouldn't consider killing your parents. Having this information about the people that have been living in the house before Syd, gives us knowledge about the sacrifices they've had to make.


What I've admired about Syd thus far, is her refusal to conform to anyone's rules but her own. We've seen her become accepting of a few things as the issues have progressed, but for the most part, she marches to the beat of her own drum. Now, I want to comment on a specific quote that's more towards the end of the issue. During some of Syd's inner dialogue she says, "The stupid fucking Voice that tells us all what to do and how to act and who to be, because why else would he be so insistent on controlling our every thought and action if he didn't have something to hide?" Obviously, we can see that she is talking about the head boss of this whole operation, but I recognized something deeper in those words.

The Voice may represent, the voice that some of us have inside of us. The one that we sometimes allow to control and discourage us. Maybe it's fear, doubt, guilt, who knows? Anyway, the reason I wanted to point this out is, They're Not Like Us is not just a fantastic intriguing story with beautifully detailed artwork. There are lessons to be learned amongst these pages. There are things addressed that some of us struggle with every single day. The comic book world greatly benefits from a book like this, and I hope that each and every one of you take the time to read it.

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