Captain America- They've Only Gone And Done It (Final Page SPOILERS)

There were quite a few interesting theories regarding the big reveal in the new Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 comic by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz that I now hold in my hand, after Marvel chose to release it a few hours ago, in a midnight release.

My favourite theory was a number of people convinced that Marvel was going to announce that Captain America was gay. The #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend hashtag was going viral and this article seemed to add fuel to the fire.

Sorry about that. So what's the big deal? Well, now is the time to duck out if you want.


We have a story in which Captain America is going up against the bad guys, with ground assistance from Jack Flag and Free Spirit. He's the young Steve Rogers, things are as they are meant to be. There is also a poignant story about a young man recruited into Hydra out of desperation.


We are also learning about a tale from Steve Roger's childhood in the twenties, his abused mother rescued by a mysterious woman who tries to show her that there are other things in life worth caring about, and an interest in a young boy destined for greatness.


And she is Hydra. And it suggests that Steve Rogers mother was also. And Steve was raised with that plan in mind.


And, as Captain America caught out in whatever scheme was actually going down while fighting Baron Zemo, throws Jack Flag out of a plane to his death.


A Captain America who commits cold-blooded murder against an innocent. And turns to a captured Doctor Selvig and says…


What does this mean? Has Steve Rogers always been a Hydra agent playing the long game? Is he part of a different sect of Hydra to both Baron Zemo and Red Skull, but Hydra nevertheless? Has he been faking it all the whole time? Would Marvel really turn Steve Rogers into Agent Ward? Is it a shot across the bow at Kevin Feige?

Or is this an elaborate bait and switch?

Either way, with Jesus Saiz on board it's bloody beautiful…

Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz s published today from Marvel Comics.

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