Collector Maniacs, Comic Book Store in Honolulu, To Close

Collector Maniacs is a comic book store in Honolulu, Hawaii. Or at least it was. Eliot Honda posted the sad news to Facebook;

Collector Maniacs, Comic Book Store in Honolulu, To Close
Collector Maniacs, Comic Book Store in Honolulu, To Close

Well, cat's out of the bag… Collector Maniacs is closing…

It's hard to quantify how special this place is to me. Most see it as a comic book shop. Racks and long boxes filled with comics. Action figures hanging from the ceiling, posed in epic action sequences.

For me this has been my second home since it opened. While my name was never on the lease, it was a part of me. It's ridiculous to think a store could hold so much sentimental value, but when I look back on my fondest memories it's hard not to think about this store.

Late nights talking comics, watching movies, heck I used to sleep in the back room. This was my safe place. One of the only places where I felt like I belonged.

I've known Rob so long that we've became family, he's like my brother. We've seen the crazy lows, and the highs in each other's life. He's been there for me, no matter how annoying I was or out of my mind. We've always tried to pull each other off that ledge.

I'm sad that my Wednesdays will never be the same. This was our bar, our gathering place, our "Cheer's." I've spent countless Wednesdays at "the shop."

The connection I have with comics wasn't just about the art and the words on the page, it was about the people that I got to enjoy it with. The friends I made at the shop, they made comics so much more magical.

Since this place opened I have never bought a comic from any other shop. Honestly I don't know how I can shop anywhere else.

It's silly, but I love this little shop, I'll forever have the friends I made here, but I will always miss Collector Maniacs.

I couldn't find the photos I have of the old days, but this photo kind signifies Collector Maniacs to me.

Good times with family.

Collector Maniacs are currently hosting a closing-down sale.

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