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Mad Reads Comics to Close in Brighton, Colorado

Mad Reads Comics is a comic book store in Brighton, Colorado – or rather it was. Co-owners Tom Walsh and Kristi Walsh have been running the store together after opening four years ago. They recently closed their bricks and mortar story to go online-only, with a plan to reopen when they found a suitable location, […]

A New Hope Collectible Toys & Comics of Madison, Wisconsin to Close

After the industry shutdown, it was anticipated that many comics stores would shutter completely and be unable to open up again. But a mixture of comic store ingenuity, government assistance, consumer spending and the charitable work of BINC has stopped that from happening. But it would never be able to stop all comic stores closing. […]

Long Read: Is This An "Extinction Event" For The Comic Shop As We Know It? Or Are They "Too Stupid To Quit, Too Dumb To Die"?

Does Your Comic Shop Require A Mask To Shop?

I also run a comic shop in non-BC life, and the mask-wearing here in Ohio is about 70-30 people NOT wearing masks The store I run is in a shopping mall, and it is not required for patrons to wear one in the mall, it is up to the individual business We have decided to[...]

Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC Comics/Diamond News

Yes, starting in a couple of weeks, your local comic shop will no longer be supplied with Punchline variants by Diamond Comic Distributors While many on social media who don't own stores (and some that do, to be fair) are rejoicing at the news, most comic shop owners are not Ninety percent of you reading[...]


Arizona Comics Shops, to Open or Not, After Governor Ducey's Advice

When Donald Trump visited Phoenix, Arizona last week, he was pushing states to begin to reopen parts of their economies, while also acknowledging "some people will be affected badly". Governor Doug Ducey has announced that restrictions on some businesses would be lifted soon, saying that the state is "headed in the right direction". However, a […]

Gotham High | Official Trailer

Graphic Novels Sales Up 43% in Bookstores, During Diamond Shutdown

Publishers Weekly reports that the numbers of print books sold in outlets that report to the NPD BookScan sales measuring system, in the week ending on April 25th, was up by 10.9%. And this isn't just down to bookstores being closed and now opening, sales numbers were up 4.7% over this week last year. Naturally, […]

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San Diego Comics to Permanently Close, Can't Wait For Diamond Anymore

I was noting the other day that only a handful of comic book stores have actually stated they are closing down as a result of the shutdowns. Some are recipients of state aid, others have managed to deal with their landlord productively, others have been able to just put everything on hold. But some have, […]

A Message to Retailers from BOOM! Studios

Boom's Filip Sablik Praises Comic Shops For Creating a Third Space

When that moment comes, every comic shop will have a fresh start Each store has their own new Day One in their future Some parts of the world will open before others to ensure safety Comic shops won’t have a single uniform Day One One size doesn’t fit all. But one thing is certain: Your customers[...]

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Comic Shop Launches Fundraiser To Avoid Bankruptcy

Comic Universe is a comic shop that has been trading in Folsom, Pennsylvania since 1979 However in its forty-first year, it is approaching a very real threat of bankruptcy Owner for thirty-six of those years, John Daly has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser It aims to help with the costs of rent, landlord fees and utility[...]

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Comic Shop Closures And Saviours – The Daily LITG April 2nd 2020

This also ran alongside the news of new comic shop closures Welcome to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.[caption id="attachment_1188546" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Photo of IDW publisher Chris Ryall[/caption] Comic Shop Closures and the 10[...]

Photo of Stu Colson by Sue Colson in Heroes For Sale

Today, The Comic Shops' Direct Market Was Saved

We have seen comic shops shut down under government mandate and fear of infection Comic publishers pull back on their publication schedule or stop publishing entirely The direct market distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors shut its doors to new product, make people redundant and stop paying publishers But today, that all changes.Over a week ago, we[...]

Midtown Comics To Open New Store in Astoria, Queens

Midtown Comics Grand Opening in Astoria, Queens, This Weekend

Midtown Comics' New York's most prominent comic book store, is opening a new one this weekend, which they are dubbing 'Perhaps the first-ever comic book outlet store'. What does that mean? The Midtown Comics' Astoria Outlet Store grand opening at 32-11 41st Street, Astoria, Queens, New York is intended to be reminiscent of the popular […]

The Comic Shop of Oswego, New York, to Close

The owners of The Comic Shop in Oswego, New York, have announced that they will begin closing the store over the next few months Their clearance sale will begin in February and they will still have new comics every Wednesday until the end of March Co-owner Arlene Spizman posted the following editorial to Facebook.In late[...]

Time Invaders, New Comic Store, Opening in Oswestry, Shropshire

Time Invaders, New Comic Shop, Opening in Oswestry, Shropshire, This Week

Time Invaders is a new comic book coming to Oswestry in Shropshire, on the English side of the border to Wales. Opening in Cross Street in the town, taking over the building previously occupied by Baby Bird Café. And it's being set up by married couple Kate Diamond and Glenn Purvis, who previously ran the […]

Comic Empire, Australian Comic Store, Closed After Burning Down

Comic Empire, a comic store in Stones Corner, Brisbane, Australia has burned down. This happened before, well away from, the current Australian bushfires that have hit headlines worldwide. According to local media, the blaze took fire crews about half an hour to get under control from around midnight on January 1st, but the fire had […]