A Comic Show – Talking The Death of Thor and More

Aaron Haaland of A Comics Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! Today's Thor #705 was intense, the arc is named 'Death of Thor', and it delivered on a couple levels. Damnation #3 brought the dark humor and a twist for Ghost Rider. Cable's new run feels like a classic Cable story so far, and that's cool by me. Batman #43 has the conclusion of the Ivy arc, were almost to the wedding but I'm more excited about the Booster Gold issue. Cave Carson had a Prince/Bowie super stardust mashup in Adam Star, we hardly knew you. Kick-Ass #2 has our new hero coming into her own. And Lucy Dreaming is Max Bemis's new head trip that features a 13-year-old girl that can actually enter the worlds of fiction that she's a fan of.

See you next week for Metal #6 and Doomsday Clock #4!

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