The Marvel AR Wolverine Vs Captain America Fight Of The AVX Hardcover… And CM Punk

The Marvel AR Wolverine Vs Captain America Fight Of The AVX Hardcover… And CM Punk

Towards the end of this article is an exclusive piece of Marvel AR from the Avengers Vs X-Men hardcover. If you would like to experience it properly, with the volume in question, then turn away now. But if you want an incomplete peek of what is to come, keep going.

But first, USA Today interviewed wrestler CM Punk bout writing the introduction to the comic. Who seemed to want to talk about anothr Marvel character not in the book.

"He's a bad guy but he's justified in his actions. He's one of those characters that to me can be misunderstood a lot. There's a lot of parallels between myself and Doctor Doom,"

And regarding his introduction to the book, "I worked really hard to get to where I'm at and it's cool to be afforded opportunities like this. To me, it's hard work paying off and I'm having a lot of fun right now," Punk says.

"There's good and there's bad, but if you don't stop to smell the roses, so to speak, it's all for naught."

As well as geeking out aboiut the Marvel GI Joe comic.

"There was a huge difference between the cartoon and the comic book. A lot of people don't know that — they think of G.I. Joe, they think of corny, "Yo Joe!" America stuff. But the comic book was so well written, it blew me away,"

Exposing the comic book reading habits of co-wrestlers.

Most of his co-workers get it, and even if they're not comic fans, if they're curious enough about comics, Punk will slip them a couple of trade paperbacks for educational purposes. He says Kofi Kingston is almost as much of a fan as he is, and Punk recently turned him on to Ed Brubaker's Criminal series.

His love for Preacher

"It's one of those unfortunate instances where I think people look down on comic books almost the same way they look down on pro wrestling — maybe it's this lesser art form or it's just for kids and it's goofy. But I defy anybody to read Preacher and tell me they feel the same way after that. That opened my eyes to a whole different world."

And (finally) back to AVX…

"I used to loathe the Captain America character," Punk says, "and seven years ago, (Brubaker) completely revitalized that character and he made me fall in love with it."

As well as talking about his own comic book possibilities…

"We've kicked around a couple of ideas. You might see something like that in the future," Punk teases.

"It was nothing I ever really thought about until they approached me. It was very matter-of-factly like, 'Hey, you should write a comic book.' It was pretty cool."


Here, only shown at the NYCC Retailer Breakfast, is the Marvel AR Wolverine Vs X-Men fight that will appear on top of the Avengers Vs X-Men hardcover, playing out on mobile phones and tablets across the nation when the massive volume drops.


This, played out over the paged of the very hardcover you are reading will be pretty cool I'm guessing…

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