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Loki Gets An Omnibus Series
And as well as the new Omnibus listings, we get some X-Men hardcover collection news. Marvel Comics collected the House Of X/Power Of X issues in one big book and is doing the same for X Of Swords Still, the other X-Men titles under Jonathan Hickman's show running stint have been in six-ish issue paperbacks for each[...]
Alan Moore's Providence Compendium On Kickstarter With Signed Copies
But the hardcover of Providence will only be available on Kickstarter or direct from Avatar Press, with differing incentives for each And it is accompanied by a new book of original Providence-inspired artwork from Daniel Gete, Gabriel Andrade, Christian Zanier and Ivan Rodriguez. Finally, the complete Alan Moore masterpiece in one 480 page tome – the[...]
Pepe Larraz's Cover for the House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover
Here's a look at Pepe Larraz's new cover for the House Of X/Powers Of X hardcover, hitting comic book stores on December 11th, and bookstores on December 24th A two week lead for the direct market, handy in the run-up to Christmas. That's the standard cover, while the Direct Market-only version not available to bookstores is[...]
Marvel Comics to Publish Steranko is Revolutionary! King-Size Hardcover
The King-Size hardcover range from Marvel Comics are extraordinarily over-sized hardcovers, that take up much of the comic book shops that sell them Around twenty-two-inches high and fourteen inches wide, it's hard to miss them in stores Created and named to celebrate the work of Jack Kirby, they have published three volumes of his work[...]
DC Collects All of George Perez's Wonder Woman in an Omnibus, Then His Superman
May will see the previous announced Wonder Woman: War of Gods Omnibus Hardcover collecting his big crossover event. But it's not the only big George Perez collection in May.  We're also getting The Adventures of Superman by George Perez, collecting his earlier run on Superman in hardcover for the first time Here's the listing… Now collected for[...]
Perhaps it's just the style that maybe elevates it above simple blocked colours and suchlike. It's that style that means that Bolivar probably won't be a hard purchase, because it's just a lovely, gorgeous slab of a hardcover, made in Archaia fashion, straight after Mouse Guard Purely on the thick paper stock and matte cover alone that'd do[...]
Exclusive Designs For New Doom Game, From Dark Horse's Art Of Doom Hardcover
Dark Horse Comics has become quite the specialist in creating high end books based on video games, collecting and showcasing the artwork that went into the game. And now, with a new Doom game scheduled for May, Art Of Doom is a hardcover look at the designs that went into the new game from ID Software. From[...]