Comic Store In Your Future: 25 Hot Comics by Rodman Comics

Hot comics are still in heavy demand. The comic back-issue market is ever-changing. What is hot today may be cold tomorrow or cold today and hot tomorrow. As the owner of Rodman Comics, I research back issues to keep up with what is in demand. This column is me sharing what I have learned. This is my perspective, while others may differ. One person's junk is another's treasure.

Currently, first appearances are super popular. A brand-new character in a just-released comic often causes a quick sell-out on the title. Peacemaker's TV series was remarkably popular, even more than the Book of Boba Fett series. Years ago, Peacemaker getting his own show I never would have thought possible, Peacemaker beating a Boba Fett show? Crazy talk. Now it is not so crazy. Comic characters appearing in other media outside of comics often boost values on back issues and sales. Recently, it was announced a live-action Wonder Twins is now in development for HBO Max. Another announcement I would never have thought was an actual possibility before. After that announcement, the old comic Xero was announced as being developed into a movie by 50 Cents.

Comic Store In Your Future: 25 Hot Comics by Rodman Comics
Photo of comics by Rod Lamberti

These prices listed are for raw, ungraded comics in near-mint shape. Again, prices may change quickly. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Now for the second 25 Hot Comics article of 2022!

  1. Aliens #1 from 1988. The first appearance of Aliens appearing in comics is currently going for around $100.
  2. All-New #Wolverine 2 from 2016. First appearance of Gabbyis currently running around $55.
  3. Batman #189 from 1967. First Silver Age Scarecrow is currently going for around $825.
  4. Batman #656 from 2006. First appearance of Damian is currently around $35.
  5. Batman Vengeance of Bane #1 from 1993. First appearance of Bane is running around $85.
  6. Black Panther #3 from 2022. First appearance of Tosin is currently running for around $60.
  7. Brave and the Bold #200 from 1983. First appearance of the Outsiders is currently going for around $35.
  8. DC Comics Presents #47 from 1982. He-Man's first appearance in comics is currently running around $250.
  9. Exiles #3 from 2018. First appearance of Captain Peggy Carter is going for around $50.
  10. Fighting Five #40 from 1966. First appearance and origin of Peacemaker is currently going for around $1200.
  11. Hawkworld #27 from 1992. First appearance of White Dragon is running around $25.
  12. Halo Graphic Novel Preview from 2006. First Halo, first Master Chief is currently going for around $40.
  13. House of Secrets #61 from 1963. First appearance of Eclipso is going for around $1500.
  14. Incredible Hulk #449 from 1987. First appearance of the team, Thunderbolts is currently going or around $135.
  15. Spawn #174 from 2008. First Gun Slinger Spawn is going for around $325.
  16. Spider-Gwen #24 from 2017. First appearance of Gwenom is currently going for around $75.
  17. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 from 1981. First Firestar in comics. It is currently going for around $50.
  18. Spider-Verse #6 from 2020. Many characters 1st appearances is running for around $120.
  19. Star Wars Darth Maul #2 from 2017. First appearance of Cad Bane in comics is going for roughly $75.
  20. Star Wars Darth Vader #6 from 2017. First appearance of the Grand Inquisitor. It is currently going for around $125.
  21. Star Wars Kanan the Last Padawan #1 from 2015. First Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, and more in comics is running around $100.
  22. Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0 from 1999. First appearance of Star Spangled-Kid II. Currently at around $25.
  23. Thor #25 from 2014. First Jane Foster as Thor. Currently going for around $45.
  24. Vigilante #36 from 1986. Vigilante vs. Peacemaker. It ends badly for the Vigilante leading Adrian Chase to reclaim the Vigilante mantle is currently going for around $50.
  25. X-Men Adventures #1 from 1992. It is currently going for around $35.

Good luck finding these comics at your local comic store or in your own collection!

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