Comics Creators React To Marie Javins Being DC Comics Editor-In-Chief

Obviously, this is a time for suck-ups to show their heads. But privately I have heard nothing but praise for the decision by DC Comics to make Marie Javins their new Editor-In-Chief, promoted from co-EIC with Michele Wells, after Bob Harras was made redundant and left before his notice period was up.


Named one of the 29 Women Who Took Over The World In 2018 as part of Refinery 29's Matriarchy Power List, Marie Javins has been dubbed by people I've spoken to as the 'editor of choice' at DC Comics. A remarkably accomplished Group Editor of the Justice League titles at DC, keeping Scott Snyder (and many others) happy and making the Hanna Barbera books far better than they had any right to be, including recruiting Mark Russell to the Big Two for the first time. She was also behind the DC Super Hero Girls line. Before DC Comics – and her travels around the world – she was an editor at Marvel Comics working on titles such as Akira, Groo, Earth X and Hellstorm, recruiting Warren Ellis to Marvel for the first time, as well as being a colourist on X-Men, X-Force, Cable and Wolverine and writing Firestar for Marvel Comics Presents. She's a comic book lifer. And right now, private counsel is matching what creators are saying in public.

Barry D Crain:The good news keeps on comin'. Marie is brilliant <3


CB Cebulski: Big congrats to Marie Javins on a well-deserved promotion!

Jason Inman: Marie is an astounding editor. This is an excellent choice. Congrats @mariejavins!

Zack Kaplan: This is amazing! Marie has been an unreal editor and I expect even more great books from DC now.

Kyle Pinion: Whoa! Marie Javins promoted to EiC at DC Comics! What a great start to this week.

Jessica Chen: CONGRATS TO @mariejavins OUR NEW EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AT DC COMICS, and who've always been editor-in-chief of our hearts! I'm proud of you mamá  –Jessi Javins

Jonathan Glapion: Congrats to @mariejavins you rock

Tony Bedard: Great news. @mariejavins is one the the best editors I ever worked with. I can never thank her enough for enabling some of my proudest creative moments at DC

Phillip Kennedy Johnson: A HUGE CONGRATS to @mariejavins, who constantly earns the respect and admiration of her colleagues. All faith in her abilities as the new Editor-In-Chief of DC Comics

Jim Lee: Congratulations to @mariejavins.! Known and worked with her since 1989…few love and know comics like Marie

Kami Garcia: Congrats!!

PJ Holden: Congrats!

Jen Bartel: Amazing

Jamal Igle: Congratulations! Well deserved!

Steve Ellis: Congratulations to @mariejavins. Working with her on Green Lantern was a real treat. @DCComics is in great hands!

Tom Peyer: Fantastic!

Deron Bennett: Congrats!! This is wonderful news.

Jim Chadwick:  Big congratulations to my friend and colleague @mariejavins . There will be no recount. :)

Deniz Camp: So many congrats to @mariejavins, one of the best and most creatively driven editors comics has ever had. We're in for a lot of really great DC books, I think.

Tom Napolitano: I hope the job treats Marie as well as she treats everyone else. Marie's been an amazing teacher, coworker and person in my life. She even offered me a place to stay when I started freelancing.

Rebecca Taylor: In a continuation of the Week of Wonderful News…CONGRATULATIONS, @mariejavins !! The true Wonder Woman of @DCComics. So pumped for her and all who have ever loved this place and these characters.

Joe Illidge: Awesome. Congratulations, Marie Javins and DC Comics!

Tom Taylor: Hey! This is great news. Expect some big things to come from @DCComics

Fabian Nicieza: Congratulations to Marie Javins on being named Editor in Chief of DC Comics. To be honest, I thought she already had been named that weeks ago, but if this is official now, then it's officially good news for the comic industry and excellent news for DC.

Josh Williamson: Marie is one of the absolute best in comics. This is GREAT for DC Comics. Congrats, @mariejavins!

Mark Russell: Congrats to @mariejavins. Well deserved. For those that don't know, I only have a career in comics because @mariejavins
discovered me based on, god help us, the strength of my Count Chocula fan fiction.

Tom King: Amazing news! The coolest of nerds, Marie is an incredible, insightful editor who knows knows this industry inside and out. This is pure awesome.

Jacob Johnston: I had the distinct pleasure of working with @mariejavins
back in the day on the Art of Marvel books. She is an incredible writer, creative, and human. I'm very excited to see what she does with this. Congratulations!!! :)

Darick Robertson: CONGRATULATIONS @mariejavins!

Janice Chiang: Congratulations, @mariejavins! The beginning of a new era for DC Comics, fans, and new readers.

Shea Fontana: Having @mariejavins as our editor on the DCSHG graphic novels was a huge and integral part of the success of those books. I could not be happier to hear this news. Congrats, Marie!

Sam Humphries: Huge congrats to @mariejavins and @DCComics on this — Marie is so smart and her track record so stellar, safely bringing the end of Akira to America through tumultuous waters only ranks among her minor miracles.

Nicola Scott: Congratulations @mariejavins! We're all very happy with this news!

More to come no doubt…

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