Comics Folk React To DC Going Bi-Weekly

mytmmo_ai_biweekly_092810Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the story that DC Comics was going to make certain titles of theirs bi-weekly next year. It was soon followed by up CBR, Comic Book, Newsarama, Flickering Myth and more. Some credited BC, some chose not to. But what did the boots on the ground think?

Tom Derenick

Something tells me I might have a busy 2016.

Chris Burns ·well, we know it woun't be Hitch's Justice League of America…

Fehérvári András ·Terrible news. The already at best decent art is going to turn into even worse art, and the storyline progression will get cut even more. Even now I am only down to 1 comic series after they axed the brilliant Gotham By Midnight.
mattkrotzer It's time to bring on Stjepan Sejic

raggedt Having an actual vision to go along with their bi-weekly production might also help too. Criticize Marvel as you will (and as a longtime DC-er, I do), but at least they have a real sense of "universe" that's helping them with their sales and marketing. DC right now seems totally lost and is just throwing things at the wall (and, no, this can't all be laid at the feet of the Star Wars juggernaut, which, if anything is hiding how poorly DC is actually doing).

geoffdude I'll just drop one title for each book that goes bi-weekly. I have a budget, and will stick to it. I'm sure many others will do the same. – And, I agree with "raggedt" DC needs a game plan, long-term, to make me even care about most of their offerings. Since nu52 I've lost all trust in their creative capabilities.

ManofBatz I'd be dropping a few bucks just because of my current budget :-(

Warlach I love DC comics but this is a company that regularly plans things and then they never appear – still waiting on that Mystic U comic, and others! – so until it gets a solicitation (and really, even then) I just think its worth staying calm.

RolandGunner With the trouble DC has had with keeping up the quality of their monthly books, taking them bi-weekly seems like a real mistake. Given that this is leaking out all over the place I'm guessing some internal people feel the same way.

MadFacedKid I think a weekly dealing with a elsewhere universe could be fun or one that focuses on the Pre-Flashpoint universe and a crisis going on there I think could hook some people. A Justice League weekly could be cool as well.

joybeans "Several of its monthly series"? That's a tall order. I can see Batman and Justice League going bi-weekly, especially if they can get two regular artists. But can they even keep up going bi-weekly with the likes of say… Grayson, Suicide Squad, Batgirl, etc?

Rakzo Well, I'm not sure about this. As a practice, a bi-weekly schedule is mostly designated to already popular series that can sustain such format which also means that less popular titles will have even less chances to survive.

DragonPiece So now it's confirmed?

Thomas Crown Yeah, probably confirmed by the same person who said that John Stewart would be killed off.

About that….

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