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Comics Folk React To What The Hell Is Still Going On In America, Now

In recent days, people protesting the democratic electoral college count in the United States Of America today rioted in Washington DC,  stormed the Capitol building in Washington, invaded the Senate floor, hoisted a Confederate flag, and a woman was shot. In total, four died, including a policeman, and the world was stunned. Alongside everyone else, comic creators and retailers took to social media to try and come to terms with whatever the hell was going on. Here are a few I woke up to this morning, from comics industry folk in America and abroad. Including more footage taken by DC-resident Tom King.

Comic Folk React To What The Hell Is Still Going On In America, Now
Screencap, Tom King Twitter

Tom King: Just realized I had this video. 2:22pm on the East side of the Capitol—as the Magas were breaching the West side. These stairs to the House entrance are always off limits to pedestrians. You can see the police letting the crowd up, the Magas seeing the opening and surging.

Paul Levitz: I rarely discuss politics here, as Facebook serves me principally as a means to talk to my readers and comics folks. In light of yesterday's version of Reichstag Fire executed by an awful group of fools, I feel compelled to point out that four years ago I used this space to point out that the minute Trump began 'othering' Mexicans he went from a merely terrible person to a public menace. We need to draw the line to exclude from public office or newsworthiness any person who singles out any racial, ethnic, gender or orientation as a target to demean or scapegoat. Yesterday was a dramatic reminder of Niemoller's warning to us. I lost close relatives in the horrors he bore witness to; for the sake of my children, my grandson and your families, I urge you to do what you can to remember and not open the door to any demagogue to stoke fires of hatred. They will always look to divide us as a path to power. It is up to us all to deny them the podiums and the power.

Kev Sutherland: I know I'm a bit slow, but isn't trying to overthrow a legitimate government treason? And doesn't treason carry the death penalty?

Louise Simonson: "Trump and his allies have long sought to blame antifa — an ideology, not an organized group, according to the FBI — for any violence tied to protests, though there's been no evidence to back up those claims." That didn't take long. Liars gotta lie. Enablers gotta enable.

Steven Grant: Fascinating to watch the parade of Republicans today wailing & gnashing their teeth over yesterday, when they're virtually ALL f-cking responsible. Where did they THINK all their bullshit was going?

Marc Andreyko: THIS MAN IS A TRAITOR. Gotcha on camera, Hawley, you pathetic f-ck.

Chris Claremont: One of the unexpected realities of age is in fact the realization that everything old *is* new again. I guess, the defining difference is that back in my day—when I was young— American leaders, embodiments of change and hope, were killed. So I guess that hopefully means things might be a tad better today. Imagine, though, Abbie Hoffman and the yuppies storming the Capital as it was stormed by Trump supporters yesterday; how might the Capital authorities have responded to such a provocation? Question now is, where do we go from here? We've a 50-50 Senate but is there even a hope that the two aides will actively/professionally try to work together for the common good? Or just hunker down to focus on 2022 and regaining their majority? Ronald Reagan spoke of America as a 'Shining City on the Hill.' When did that hill become a favela? When did members of the government become enablers of this tragedy, following the core rationale that it'll be good for their own run at the top? Listening to the BBC, I'm hearing of members of the Administration & Trump's staff resigning, with comments like 'I can't take this anymore.' Are these people, trusted with roles of awesome responsibility, only now becoming aware of what their enablement has led to? Or is this just a survival ploy? At what point will protests turn to 'armed' protests, with triggers actually being pulled? What will these members of government say then? These angry protesters are talking actively about a second Civil Way; is there no comprehension of what that actually means? Apparently, tragically, so. The COVID death-toll is racing towards a half-million. If we go toe to toe with one another, I guess we won't be satisfied 'til we add another '0' to that figure, or worse. That's the kind of scenario I'd explore for a super-hero adventure, not reality. Dear G*d, leave it on the printed-adventure page where it belongs. Before anyone else gets hurt and *all* our futures get tossed down the drain.

Bob McLeod: I'm so disappointed in and ashamed of the people in my life who support this white supremacist president. I know it's useless to comment on politics here, but I also think it's wrong to stay silent. I hope everyone who voted for Trump accepts responsibility for yesterday's events. But of course they won't.

Steven Grant: At least now we're all clear on exactly what "stand back & stand by" meant.

Tim Townsend: My friend, Mark, has outed me. I didn't think there was any way anyone would see through my disguise! If anyone is in the market for a podium, call me. #trump2020!

Fabian Nicieza: I have wanted the Speaker of the House lectern for as long as I could remember. If only I'd known I could just walk right in and take it… that kind of thing usually only happens in Bumf-cksylvania…

Michael Davis: Trump killed 5 Americans yesterday. Among them a police officer who died protecting the country protecting democracy. Protecting Trump None of this would've happened if the GOP leadership stopped protecting Trump.

Mark Brooks: Never forgive and never forget. Don't let them backslide or make excuses or pretend that they never did/said what they did/said. Make them wear this shame around their neck like an albatross for the rest of their days. They have to own this now and forever.

Chuck Wendig: With the Nat'l Guard's activation blocked at the federal level, and with what appears to be some level of complicity within Capitol Police, there's a very real chance Trump was 100% aware of and behind a literal coup attempt. We all know this but it deserves to be said out loud.

Kami Garcia: Yep. Capitol Police know how to defend the Capitol if they want. I've seen them chase people away for standing around too long.

Ivy Noelle Weir: Howdy fellow white people, in particular liberals and progressives! Let's not make jokes or memes about the white supremacist rioters or what happened yesterday! Think about the feelings of your BIPOC friends and how their imminent danger is a joke to you and just don't do it!

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Note to the investigators: Really would like to know who's monetizing sedition by profiting off the sale of the Maga Civil War MERCH too, please.

Moly Crabapple: On January 20, 2017, the day of Trump's inauguration, police kettled 217 anti-Trump protesters in the freezing cold and arrested them after sixteen hours. Prosecutors then tried to put them in prison for 70+ years, on the accusation that all of them collectively broke a window. Prosecutors made the lives of the #J20 arrestees hell for years. They forced them to commute back and forth to DC for hearings, and used stuff like hats and medic bags as proof they were engaged in a terrorist conspiracy.

Eric Powell: Trump said tonight in his statement that he immediately called for the national guard. It wasn't immediate. And he didn't call for it. It was Pence.

Jim Chadwick: The founders of this country were intellectuals and would be branded elitists today by the likes of Rush. The band of fools storming the Capitol yesterday had the collective intellect of a sixth grader.

Saladin Ahmed: white bigots can take over the capitol and I can't even get a PS5. yes I'll probably delete this. anyway some of us are cracking jokes about this now because we took it serious when you didn't.

Jen Bartel: God I'm so tired of the phrase "Return to Normalcy", it feels like "Make America Great Again" but with a cheap coat of paint sloppily applied on top to try to hide the rot underneath. "Normalcy" was Not Great for most people.

Steve Lieber: I just keep wondering who will be the most highly placed Republican who winds up recording Cameo messages to offset their legal fees.

Jonathan Glapion: Three words for the today! 1-impeach 2-remove 3-indict

Spike Trotman: Thinking about the time just after college an acquaintance posted a "deep sea sonar scan" that purported to be a photo of Atlantis to Facebook. When I told them it was CGI from a movie, someone responded I was being rude, and asked why I couldn't "Just let (her) believe." The human brain is a disaster.

Matthew Southworth: And just think…we were THIS CLOSE (well, not super-duper close, but too close) to having him for another four years.

PJ Holden: Four years, then 2 years in he'd've been looking for an amendment to give himself a third term.

Kyle Higgins: Hey @tedcruz I don't speak for everyone (that's not how democracy works) but I truly, sincerely hope you go f-ck yourself.

Comics Folk React To What The Hell Is Still Going On In America, Now
America – Credit: Pia Guerra

Pia Guerra: The Sinking Rat. #ImpeachTrumpNow

Matthew Rosenberg: Just to be clear, you can't try to get off now and ask for you money back. The Trump Train is headed to it's final stop. Your ticket has been punched. You were on it for the whole ride. F-ck your resignations.

Bill Willingham: I recently wrote a script (for a book not out yet) where someone amazingly infiltrates multiple levels of Pentagon security. But now I wonder, is it amazing to do that? Apparently not so much.

Francesco Francavilla: They killed a cop and they walked away from the front door yesterday… Good luck to all those "patriots" to avoid jail now.

Greg Pak:Remember how Obama failed to hold Wall Street execs accountable in 2009? That can't happen this time. The present and future security of the country depends on rooting out anyone and everyone from the lowest to the highest levels who abetted this coup attempt.

Lucy Lawless: No, Peanut. They are not Patriots. They are your flying monkeys,homegrown terrorists, QAnon actors. They are the douchebags that go out and do the evil bidding of people like you who like to wind them up like toys and let them do their worst. #keepingYourFilthyHandsclean #enabler

Kwanza Osajyefo: For the love of god, @SpeakerPelosi, and @SenSchumer — don't let Trump off the hook. You saw his speeches after the invasion of the Capitol. That is who he is. The ONLY reason he changed his tune is so he would not be impeached and removed from office.

Regan Clem: I'm saddened that there seems to be more outrage at a protest/riot that scared the rich and powerful than the protests and riots that destroyed your neighbors' businesses. I'm extremely perplexed by this. Maybe it's a "I'm okay with violence and will pretend it's peace if it is a cause I believe in."

To be totally clear, I'm opposed to any protest that turns violent.

When you say yesterday was the saddest day in the America you have lived in, I think you have forgotten the millions we have killed in needless and endless wars. The saddest thing about yesterday was that a veteran lost their life on the very grounds of the people who sent her to serve. We reached a point where people felt they were so unheard that they stormed the capitol.

We need to listen to and hear one another. The same message we said when the protests were happening in the spring. Instead, we block another person. We need changes that will bring peace and prosperity. We need to figure out how to love and heal one another so this doesn't happen again.

We are adequately propagandized to hate one another. We are brainwashed. We can be better. Stop the hate. Stop viewing and reading things that inspire hate. Start the love.

Brian Hibbs: People "felt" they were "unheard" because a whole lot of divisive nonsense is being pumped into their brains by people who do actually and truly know better and are running a grift. This is pretty nearly the exact opposite of the BLM protests where people were protesting *actual* societal harm. "Both sides"-ing this is, I think, an especially bad thing coming from a community leader like yourself, sorry.

George Takei: Honestly, I was hoping the centaurs would come drag Betsy out.

America continues later today.

America America America America America America America

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