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Alton Brown gives his pot roast a redo on Good Eats: Reloaded, courtesy of Cooking Channel.
Originally being from Ukraine (even though I grew up in New York in our early years here), we relied on Spam and canned corn as our inexpensive go-to meal as well as dried cured fish Turns out my peeps make something very similar, a meat stew of sorts So how do you make this dish?[...]
'The Donetsk Banksy' Creates Comic Book About Being Kidnapped In Ukraine
And it happens to be a comic book, telling the story of both his kidnapping and and that of other political prisoners in eastern Ukraine. Last summer he created artwork that mocked the "Donetsk People's Republic" in July of 2014, with 2D figures of separatists painted like clowns and with distorted faces and placed throughout city streets. He was then captured and[...]
Now Suicide Squad Gets Involved In Russia/Ukraine Politics (SPOILERS)
Such as the Suicide Squad short in the back of Convergence: Flash… set in Eastern Ukraine… Where the Russians have placed Rocket Red military tech. Ripped out of the headlines like a beating heart This is not your Paul Levitz DC Comics But there's no way this could actually spark an international incident is there? Probably not. Now[...]