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Russia: US Late Night Hosts Kimmel, Colbert & Meyers Among Banned
sanctions due to Russia's continued invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has taken an extra step of permanently banning 500 Americans from entering the country in a list released May 19th by the Foreign Ministry Among those included are late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers Kimmel hosts ABC's Jimmy Kimmel[...]
DC Comics (Spoilers)
We just have a new member, Dr Xanto Zema, who is a hot mess of skin cells… And finally Core, Pavlov Stutka, a new Ukrainian character, returns – and it turns out that he is the source of power for the whole system, and in an act of political satire… …is selling spare energy to the European Union,[...]
Stephen King Tells Elon Musk What He Can Do With His Blue Checkmark
I recommend the Prytula Foundation, which provides lifesaving services in Ukraine," King recommended to Twitter's owner "It's only $8, so perhaps Mr Musk could add a bit more." Image: CBS Screencap, SNL Screencap Here's a look at King's response from earlier today, telling Musk what he can do with his blue checkmark (for a good cause, of[...]
Dave Sim's Cerebus In Hell Does Ukraine With War In Hell
Dave Sim is switching temporarily on his War On Woke in his Cerebus In Hell in July with the Russian invasion of Ukraine instead… for $4 or $15 for the signed version You know what, I have no idea what his take on Gender Queer would be, do you? CIH PRESENTS WAR IN HELL ONE SHOT AARDVARK[...]
Auto Draft
You will find in the stranger parts of the internet, Americans arguing that Russia should get the bits of Ukraine that Russia wants, because they have a claim to them and the population there wants to be part of Russia And the funding of the Ukraine war is all down to Western financial interests It[...]
Cover image for GHOST OF KYIV #1
This time last year, manga creator Matsuda Djuko write and drew a comic dedicated to the Ukrainian ace pilot Ghost of Kyiv, the urban legend of a pilot who shot down six planes over Kyiv in the first thirty hours of the Russian invasion of Ukraine The comic was also published online in Ukranian and[...]
Peremoha: Victory for Ukraine: Tokyopop Anthology to Benefit Charity
ПЕРЕМОГА: Victory for Ukraine is a new full-color graphic novel anthology by Ukrainian creators highlighting the war in Ukraine from Tokyopop that debuts digitally on August 24th, Ukrainian Independence Day, with a print release on September 27th, 2022 Proceeds from the sales will go to Razom for Ukraine. "Peremoha: Victory for Ukraine" cover art courtesy of[...]
Russian Publisher Bubble Comics Cause Outrage at San Diego Comic-Con
It has published English language comic book series into the US direct market of comic shops, such as Demonslayer, Major Grom, Friar, Red Fury, Allies, Igor Grom, and Realmwalkers and was behind the Netflix live-action TV adaptation, Major Grom. Bubble Comics is also a regular publisher at San Diego Comic-Con, was one of the organizers of[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz New Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds
Comic anthologies have an interesting history in the United States, as they are often the most common way throughout the world that new comic material is published.  Since 2001 comic anthologies have been a way to raise awareness and money for charities and causes in the United States and seeking to help efforts in Ukraine;[...]
Ukraine Refugee Comic With Groo, Chew, Grendel, Astro City & More
Friend of Bleeding Cool, Scott Dunbier, has been putting together an incredible collection oc comic book talent to raise money to help refugees from Ukraine More than three dozen comic-book writers, artists, colorists, letterers, designers, and editors announced Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds, a benefit anthology with all proceeds going to Operation USA The book[...]
J.M. Lofficier Revives Captain Ukraine To Raise Money For Red Cross
Captain Ukraine is a revival of a nineteen-sixties superhero, from J.M Lofficier's Hexagon Universe Nadiya Karine, the modern-day version of this hero, introduced alongside the French Guardian of the Republic in her very first appearance here in a story by JM Lofficier & Constanzo, is the descendant of Ivan Karine, a Ukrainian Captain from the[...]
Auto Draft
For those not aware, Sengi Games is based in Ukraine, and with the current conflict happening there, some were curious if the game might be pushed back as the country has bigger issues to deal with Today, the company issued the statement below, confirming that the game would indeed still meet the late April release[...]
Image Publish Vlad Legostaev Variant Covers To Help Ukranian Red Cross
"Unfortunately since then, Vlad's home country has suffered true horrors, so, with Vlad's permission, we decided to use his art to try to raise money for those suffering in Ukraine So now, the proceeds from Vlad's B cover for Time Before Time #13 and 14 will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross We hope[...]
Alton Brown gives his pot roast a redo on Good Eats: Reloaded, courtesy of Cooking Channel.
Originally being from Ukraine (even though I grew up in New York in our early years here), we relied on Spam and canned corn as our inexpensive go-to meal as well as dried cured fish Turns out my peeps make something very similar, a meat stew of sorts So how do you make this dish?[...]
'The Donetsk Banksy' Creates Comic Book About Being Kidnapped In Ukraine
And it happens to be a comic book, telling the story of both his kidnapping and and that of other political prisoners in eastern Ukraine. Last summer he created artwork that mocked the "Donetsk People's Republic" in July of 2014, with 2D figures of separatists painted like clowns and with distorted faces and placed throughout city streets. He was then captured and[...]
Now Suicide Squad Gets Involved In Russia/Ukraine Politics (SPOILERS)
Such as the Suicide Squad short in the back of Convergence: Flash… set in Eastern Ukraine… Where the Russians have placed Rocket Red military tech. Ripped out of the headlines like a beating heart This is not your Paul Levitz DC Comics But there's no way this could actually spark an international incident is there? Probably not. Now[...]