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From Chivalry To Cowboy Bebop, Thank FOC It's Monday 22nd of November
This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant items. What's FOC-ing this weekend? Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran's Chivalry adapted into comics for a hardcover OGN, from Dark Horse Comics. Mike Richardson and new vigilante comic book, Cloaked #1. Todd McFarlane's first superhero team comic since Boof & The Bruise Crew launches from[...]
Balmain Creates Graphic Novel With David Mack, Bengal, Colleen Doran
Balmain Dreams: 10 Or features stories by comic creators David Mack, Colleen Doran, Alitha E Martinez, Dani, and Bengal. "Balmain has long relied on telling stories in new and daring ways, ever since Pierre Balmain showed his first collection in 1945," notes Olivier Rousteing "And I am determined to continue to build upon that unique heritage[...]
New Judges For Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics 2020
They also welcome two new Selection Committee Members, A Distant Soil creator and Sandman artist, Colleen Doran and co-creator of Blade, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Nightwing and Black Cat, Marv Wolfman. The 6th annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics will once again honour five finalists whose commitment to excellence and inclusion, both on the page as[...]
REVIEW: The Clock #1 -- "This Is Actually A Horror Story"
(Top Cow/Image Comics, creative team: Matt Hawkins, Colleen Doran, Bryan Valenza, Troy Peteri) The sneaky thing about this work — and some other near future science fiction cautionary tales from writer Matt Hawkins, like Wildfire, — is that this is actually a horror story Instead of jump scares and bloody blades wielded by relentless psychopaths, the[...]
Preview: The Clock #1 by Matt Hawkins and Colleen Doran, from Image Comics This Wednesday
This Wednesday sees the release of The Clock #1 by Matt Hawkins and Colleen Doran, from Top Cow/Image Comics We ran this preview before But that's enough of a reason to run them again, right? CLOCK #1 (W) Matt Hawkins (A/CA) Colleen Doran MINISERIES PREMIERE Within three weeks, hundreds of millions of healthy people worldwide contract various forms of aggressive cancer, and the[...]
Colleen Doran and Matt Hawkins' The Clock is Coming – Tick, Tick, Tick…
By the time it's diagnosed it's too late… An eugenics conspiracy thriller about overpopulation, scarce resources and survival as told through the lens of the leading cancer researcher and his lifelong quest to eradicate cancer and save his daughter! The Clock by Colleen Doran and myself will be out in mid to late next year! Well, it took a[...]
WEBTOON is the World’s Most Successful Comics Publisher – And You Hadn’t Heard of it Till Now
The creators also offer commissions and have Patreon pages for their fans to support them financially. WEBTOON has also worked with comics creators like Warren Ellis, Colleen Doran and Dean Haspiel, who all have a series on the platform They're currently working with Amazon Publishing, HarperCollins, Macmillan/Tor Books, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster to adapt Young Adult[...]
The Daily LITG, 24th July 2019 –
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday Tuk The Caveboy Responsible For The X-Men? Franklin Richards as the New Galactus? Two Histories Of The Marvel Universe, Tomorrow… "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": Dolph Lundgren in… "Crime Stinks II"? Marvel Comics Solicitations For October 2019 – 27 Of Them Frankensteined Fearless #1[...]
Colleen Doran Adapts Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples for Dark Horse
Dark Horse Comics has announced a comic book adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples, a retelling of the Snow White fairytale coming to comic stores in August by Colleen Doran A press release contains details of the adaptation: Neil Gaiman's chilling retelling of the Snow White fairytale, Snow, Glass, Apples has been gloriously adapted by[...]
Gail Simone and Colleen Doran's Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Story Deemed Porn by Tumblr
The latest definitely-not-porn content flagged as explicit by Tumblr algorithms is a story from the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special by Gail Simone, Colleen Doran, Hi-Fi Design, and Dave Sharpe called Big Things One Day Come, introducing the character Star Blossom. Simone took to Twitter for the reveal: So Tumblr tagged a story of mine as explicit (well, a[...]
Colleen Doran On The Wonders Of Wonder Woman
One of the guest is comic artist/writer Colleen Doran who has worked on the character as part of her amazing career She shared her thoughts on Wonder Woman and the influence is could have on the film industry. BLEEDING COOL: What does the character of Wonder Woman mean to you? COLLEEN DORAN: She's the cornerstone of all[...]
Gail Simone And Colleen Doran Agree To Start Work Tomorrow On Star-Blossom Comics; Your Move, DC
On Twitter, superstar writer Gail Simone and superstar artist Colleen Doran have entered into what is practically a legally binding agreement to respectively write and draw more comics featuring Star-Blossom, the character they jointly created for last year's Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special, effective starting tomorrow Last night, Simone tweeted: I would write more Star-Blossom tomorrow, if[...]